6 of the Most Peculiar Friendships between Animals and Humans

June 17, 2019
Friendship and love are the most powerful forces we know of. In this article, you'll learn about some of the best friendship bonds between species in the world.

If you don’t believe in love, this article will make you believe in it again. We’ll tell you the stories of 6 peculiar friendships made between people and animals that you wouldn’t have believed. Although many of them have already gone viral on the Internet, others remain hidden. That’s why we want to share these stories here with you.

The 6 most peculiar friendships we’ve known about

The Bloom family and their Magpie

This is a very lucky Magpie. A family once found her wounded and rescued her, cured her and took her to the vet. Fortunately, the animal recovered without any problem. Naturally, the family thought they would never see it again. However, against all the odds, the magpie never left them. Normally her instinct should have indicated otherwise, but this time nature had something else to say.

She ended up staying with the family. However, as they are animal lovers, they were very happy to have her! They named her Penguin and she quickly became part of the family. In addition, Penguin eats with the children, plays ball and even helps them brush their teeth! Without a doubt, one of the most incredible and peculiar friendships in the world.

Cropper, the fox

A charity from the UK found and rescued this little fox from the road. He had very serious wounds and they didn’t hold out much hope that he’d survive. It seemed that the only option was to put him down, as he was in very bad shape. Moreover, the fox needed 24/7 care.

An older man who was also an engineer, asked if he could keep him. He was already retired and didn’t have much to do and would have enough time to look after him. Little by little the fox became part of his family and now both of them, along with the other members, are inseparable friends.

Christopher and his bull

Bullfighting has sparked so much controversy that it has been banned almost everywhere these days. This story begins with a French boy who bought a wild bull when he found out that it was going to be part of a bullfighting show in Barcelona.

Over time, both of them have developed an enduring and intense friendship. It’s amazing to see that animals treat us the way that they are treated. Watch the video of this moving story here:

A Baby Elephant

A baby elephant was drowning in a river, and on its way to certain death. Nevertheless, a woman rescued him and took him to an animal shelter where he was given the care that he needed. He was really lucky!

Roxi is the name of his savior, and the animal was so captivated by her that she decided to take him home until he was completely recovered and ready to return to his natural habitat.

The elephant adapted very well to life with Roxi and would follow her everywhere. They even sat together to watch TV.

The smartest Pig

Lulu is a very clever little pig who lives with his owner Joe. He adopted him as a pet some time ago and Lulu recently had the opportunity to show his appreciation.

One day as they were walking together, Joe suddenly fell to the ground and fell unconscious. However, Lulu didn’t think twice and went to lay in the middle of the road near the forest where they were. He waited there until someone would stop their car and pull over!

Some people stopped but didn’t follow Lulu into the woods. However, he didn’t give up until he got a man to follow him and find out that Joe needed help. What a smart pig!

John and Schoep

This is a story that went viral when a photographer captured the image of a man immersing his dog in warm waters. Apparently, the animal suffered from severe arthritis. Therefore, the temperature of the lake at that time helped it to cope with the pain.

His owner said that this was the least he could do for his pet, as it had saved him from committing suicide some time ago.

As you can see, friendship and love know no race, species or boundaries.

Photography source: www.bbc.com