8 Things You Should Learn from Your Dog

8 Things You Should Learn from Your Dog

Last update: 14 May, 2018

They’re loyal, they’re always by our side, they treat us as if we were heroes… and they teach us a lot of things everyday. In this article we are going to tell you what things you can learn from your dog… he’s the best teacher!

Learn how to live from your dog

A dog has a different idea about life than any of us, and he can unintentionally become an excellent teacher. It’s just a matter of observing him and letting him show you his key principles:

1. Approach everyday with enthusiasm

dog and family

Your pet doesn’t get worried about traffic, weather, money, or anything… he enjoys everything he does to the fullest, and he always puts on a smile or a happy face. And routine doesn’t bore or annoy him. Have you ever seen him get angry at going to the park to play or going on a walk with you? Any plan is amazing for him!

2. We can take care of each other at any time

Another good lesson to learn from your dog. The time of the year doesn’t matter… he will always be at your side to keep you company while you study, eat, watch television, or rest in bed with the flu. He will always have time to take care of you and protect you. Do you do the same with the people you love? Often, everyday obligations don’t allow us to make time for those that are around us.

3. It doesn’t matter if we’re a disaster

A dog that goes to the park and comes back with every inch of his skin muddy will be satisfied and happy, and will want to do it again. If he’s walking and steps in a puddle of water accidentally, he keeps going; he doesn’t get worried about it because it will dry. Your pet doesn’t try to have everything under control and enjoys life just as it is. Fun is worth it.

4. Relaxation is essential

Another beautiful lesson to learn from your dog. Among life’s pleasures for a dog are sleeping under the sun or a nice and warm bed during wintertime. How long has it been since you’ve taken the time to nap? Or even to lie down on the couch to read. Relaxation for an animal is a rule and not an exception. There is always time to rest and recharge for the rest of the day.

5. Being faithful and happy is a way of life

Dogs are faithful by nature. Nobody taught them nor did they learn from humans or other animals. We know that they will never fail us and that we can trust them under any circumstance. As humans, we have a hard time learning this lesson, as well as the idea of being happy all the time. You will always see dogs entertained with a toy, a walk, or a bit of sun that seeps in through the window. Not thinking about problems or sad things.

6. Celebrate food

dog eating

Have you ever seen a dog’s uncontrollable happiness when he’s being given food or when he knows that it’s time to eat? It’s something that’s difficult for humans to understand. “But he eats everyday!” is our reaction to his behavior. But actually our pet is teaching us something very important: be happy about anything. Details do matter; being grateful for anything that is offered to us is fundamental for being happy. So, the next time that you sit down at the table for lunch… jump for joy (even if it’s not your favorite dish)!

7. Show love

When you come back home after being out all day or even if you leave for a couple hours to run errands… your dog will be so happy to see you that he won’t be able to hide it. He can’t conceal his feelings, and he will try to lick your face to the rhythm of his tail wagging back and forth. For a dog, there is nothing better than showing their owner how much he loves them. This lesson is the most beautiful of all!

8. Being curious is being amazed at life

Dogs are similar to children because everything draws their attention. A paper that moves in the wind, an insect walking on the sidewalk, the sound of a horn on the street… animals want to dive inside a bag to see what’s inside, and they get excited if they find a bone that was buried there years ago. It’s time for you, too, to stop and look around at the beautiful things that surround you. Be amazed.

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