Bob The Dog That Got Lost On Vacation

Bob and his family were visiting a town during a celebration. The fireworks display scared Bob and he ran away and couldn't be found for a week. He was finally found thanks to the help of a the community.
Bob The Dog That Got Lost On Vacation

Last update: 28 September, 2018

Accidents can happen to anyone, although it’s scarier when you’re far away from home. This is the story of Bob, a dog who got lost during a family vacation, and of all the people who helped him get back home.

Bob’s vacation

Bob’s family decided to go on vacation in their motorhome during the month of July. This German family drove to Muros, Spain, in the Northwest Iberian Peninsula. It was not the first they had gone on a vacation like this. Of course, they brought Bob along.

At the time Bob was about five years old. He is large, almost completely black, and was adopted by the family when he was about a year old. Bob’s peaceful nature and his love of adventure made him an excellent travel companion.

The trip went according to plan, until a few days before they were supposed to return to Germany. The town they were visiting was having a celebration and a fireworks display was taking place. Bob got scared and ran away. His family searched for him for days, but couldn’t find him anywhere. So, they decided to ask the local people for help.

How Bob got lost

Bob got lost in an area with many small towns, forests, and mountains. The locals stepped up to help immediately — because just any animal lover — they understood what the family must have been going through. His family was determined that they decided to stay and search for Bob until they found him.

Lost dog post

With the help from the community association, a search was organized to find Bob. They distributed posters, posted on social networks, and even made a video that was broadcasted on local TV. Likewise, they organized search parties to search for him in the forest.

The whole town worked together with the family for almost a week. Dozens of people went out into the mountains to look for Bob and hundreds looked through social media searching for any trace of the dog.

A happy ending

It wasn’t a person, but another dog who found Bob. One member of a search party had brought along several labradors. One labrador left the group and started barking. When they ran after the dog, they found Bob, wedged in a concrete gutter, trapped.

They immediately took him to the vet and notified his family. Bob was dehydrated and very weak. Nobody knew how long he had been stuck there. After waiting a little while for him to recover, the veterinarian examined him and decided it was best for him to spend a couple days at the hospital.

Bob was found.

After spending two days and one night in observation, Bob was able to walk on his own. As soon as he regained his strength. Once he was returned to his family and everyone went back home safely. went back home.

Fortunately, this adventure was only a scare. Bob’s family is so grateful to the local people of Muros because without their help they would’ve never seen their dog again.

Tips for traveling with pets

Accidents can happen anywhere, especially on vacation. However, here are some tips for traveling with your pet. Remember,  these tips apply depending on the type of animal you have and the destination you’re going to.

  • Put a tracking chip in your pet with current information. If they get lost, you’re most likely will be able to find them.
  • Make sure your pet has a collar on with your phone number. Even if they have a chip, sometimes the fastest way to identify the animal is by the tags on their collar.
  • Invest in a new harness and leash. If a dog gets scared and tries to run away, it’s easier to prevent them from escaping with a sturdy harness.
  • Make sure your dog’s carrier is secure and put stickers on the outside to identify it. When traveling by car, make sure the dog’s carrier is fastened correctly with a seat belt.
  • Plan your vacation well in advance to make sure the place you will be staying at allows pets.

It’s normal to want to take your pet on vacation with you. However, it’s important to make sure that you do it as safely as possible, in order to prevent any scares or bad experiences.



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