Everything You Need to Know About Pet Cemeteries

Saying goodbye to our faithful pets can be a hard pill to swallow, and is an ocassion that leaves a lasting mark on the life paths of many people.
Everything You Need to Know About Pet Cemeteries

Last update: 06 April, 2018

We no longer live in a time when pets are decorations or simple fashion accessories. For most, they are equal members of the family. In this sense, they receive the same considerations as humans. And, this includes farewell rituals. Because of this, there are increasing numbers of pet cemeteries. Basically, these are graveyards exclusively destined to house these unconditional companions.

 Saying goodbye to our faithful pets leaves a lasting mark

Families or Herds

Adopting a pet involves some sacrifices and a lot of responsibility. Whoever assumes ownership over the dog or any other type of animal must understand the extent of responsibility.

Canines and domestic felines are the most popular companions. Perhaps it’s because both dogs and cats have a highly developed sense of empathy with humans. Unfortunately, this is a relationship of reciprocal love that is not always fulfilled. And, it is almost always because the human fails to hold up their end of the deal. Not the other way around.

It is for these reasons that saying goodbye to pets can be a very hard step to take. Specifically, one that leaves a profound mark on the paths of many people’s lives.

Eventually, some families prepare for the death of the oldest members of their clan. However, a lot of people do not seem to notice that most animal’s life cycles are much shorter compared to the average human’s.

Tombstone for a dog

If we stop to think about this and analyze them species by species, only parrots and turtles can transcend generations of men and women.

Services Offered By Funeral Homes and Cemeteries for Pets

Presently, there are many funeral homes, cremation rooms and cemeteries for pets that provide the same services as those destined for human ‘customers’. In fact, the premise is identical: to offer them a dignified farewell and to offer the body of the deceased a destiny that goes beyond simply being disposed of and forgotten.

As you can see, for many families the death of their pet can result in a highly traumatic episode. But among the emotional shock and the difficulties, sometimes they forget about what they’re going to do with the body of their pet who has passed on to a better life.

There are even people who never think to prepare for this type of episode, and are obliged to improvise by, unfortunately, throwing their pet’s corpses into the garbage dumps. For most people, these actions only cause greater senses of suffering and guilt.

To avoid any drawbacks or inconveniences, the handling of the bodies is also available among the services that some companies offer, as well as the adequate preparation for the wake and their final farewells.

A Booming Business

Pet cemeteries started “trending” during the beginning of the mid-1990s. So the first animal-dedicated cemeteries were inaugurated in the United States and, very shortly thereafter, the experience was replicated in other parts of the world.

In Spain there are several companies that organize farewell rituals for pets. And the options are similar to those that are available in cases of human deaths. In addition to wakes and funerals, there are cremation services.

Some want leave their pet’s bodies in perfectly identifiable pits. These prices vary within a fairly wide range. Everything depends on which package the person chooses.

Examples of Cost Estimates

Interested in individual tombs located in the best areas of the cities? These include gravestones carved from marble or granite with inscriptions carved directly on the stone. Generally, the final cost can amount to about 5,000 euro.

For those who do not have the economic solvency to do this, or simply are not willing to bear the expense, there are also much more modest options.

Two gravesites side by side

Some companies offer collective days for those who prefer incineration. And, this costs around 50 euro. During individual pet cremations, the cost can be up to to 270 euro.

An Unbalanced World?

Now, pets receive more attention, care and affection than many human beings. So, many people wonder about the direction in which humanity is gong.

Some people might even be outraged by the amount of money that groups of families spend on their pets. Either way, the biggest issue on the planet definitely is not the existence (or lack thereof) of cemeteries for pets.