Do You Know What "Black Dog Day" Is?

Do You Know What "Black Dog Day" Is?

Last update: 03 May, 2018

Everyone knows what Black Friday is. While it started out as an American tradition, it has been spreading all over the world. Millions of people everywhere wait anxiously for Black Friday in November. On that day you can get good products at exceptional prices. Well now there is also Black Dog Day. Do you know what it is? We are going to tell you.

Black dog syndrome

In one of our articles we spoke to you about black dog syndrome, a spreading discrimination against black dogs. There are many people that are superstitious about this color even though it has always been said that black cats (and not dogs) bring bad luck.

Black dog

Some say that black dogs’ expressions are more tough and frightening, or that they aren’t as photogenic. And others say that they can’t read the emotions that the dogs convey in their eyes very well. No comment…

For people that decide to adopt a dog, black is the last color that they choose. In fact, as we explained to you in the article, the rate of abandoned dogs is greater when talking about black animals.

Therefore, they decided to create Black Dog Day, an exclusive and special day for black dogs. We are going to tell you why.

Black Dog Day, October 1st

This date was chosen to celebrate Black Dog Day every year. A day dedicated to black dogs. 

In the same way that on Black Friday we can find what we want at lower prices, on Black Dog Day, those that want to adopt a dog can go to shelters and look amongst the most beautiful dogs. However, they will be of only one color – black.

There was a photographer that created a beautiful book on black dogs. He showed that their beauty was incomparable and they could be very photogenic. In fact, his feature had a theme – black. There were black dogs photographed on a black background.

The photos are worth looking at since they dispel the myths around these animals that don’t have any grounds. However, beauty isn’t everything, and there are many more reasons why you should adopt a black dog. Do you want to know them?

Adopt a black dog on Black Dog Day

A black dog is different from all other dogs because of their color. But apart from that, there aren’t any major divergences. These are the reasons why you should adopt a black dog:

They are as loving and loyal as any other

Remember that loyalty is an innate quality in dogs, regardless of their color. Their appearance doesn’t matter, only their interior. A black dog is an animal just like all others, with their dog-like qualities and feelings.

They aren’t mysterious

Many attribute the color black to bad omens or mysteries. But a black dog has much to give to you and more to share with you, like any other. It is true that he can blend in better, depending on the environment, but that is only an advantage and not a defect.

They are easier to clean

Black dogs are characterized by the shininess of their hair. Their hair will shine jet black and the dirt won’t be seen as much. Have you ever had a white dog? Then you know what we’re talking about.

They will be a great heater

They say that black absorbs heat. Therefore, your black dog will be your efficient heater on cold winter nights. 

You will always be stylish

black dog

Black is a classic no matter what era we live in. If you have ever not known what to wear and have gotten out a black dress from the closet, you only needed a good hairstyle and good shoes to look fantastic and trendy. What’s better than a black dog to be stylish?

They are excellent guard dogs

Black dogs are intimidating to people. So having a big, black dog will be your best protection against thieves or that ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend that doesn’t stop bothering you.

Remember, black dogs are as beautiful and normal as any other dog. Find out if the shelters near your house celebrate Black Dog Day. And don’t think twice, adopt a black dog.

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