Dogs and Babies: How These Future Parents Responded

When a young Indian couple found out that they were going to have a baby, their family and friends suggested they get rid of their many dogs. You're going to love their response.
Dogs and Babies: How These Future Parents Responded

Last update: 15 July, 2019

When people who have pets get the much-awaited news about a pregnancy, they usually find themselves wondering: is it okay to have dogs and babies in the same house?

That always depends on what they want as parents, and as pet owners. It also depends on the dog’s reaction to the baby’s arrival.

In this article, we’re going to show you how a couple of future parents responded to people’s suggestions that they get rid of their dogs. You’re going to love their response. But first, let’s see why people would have suggested that in the first place.

Dogs and babies: an impossible friendship?

A couple hugs as they look at their dog.

There are lots of factors and opinions when it comes to this issue. On one side, there are people who are always against having dogs in a house with small children, especially babies. They say that it can be harmful when there’s a newborn baby around because:

  • Dogs lick on everything, and could transmit a (potentially fatal) illness to the baby.
  • The baby needs to be in a home safe from bacteria and pollution. But dogs go in and out and could transmit it to the child from the outside.
  • Dogs get jealous when they see their owners giving their affection to something or someone else. So, a dog might end up attacking the baby.
  • They might not be careful enough when they play, and end up hurting the baby.
  • They might lean on the crib and knock it over, hurting the baby.

The advantages

Then there are the pet lovers who think all the above things are nonsense. They’re 100% in favor of having a dog and a baby in the house at the same time. Here’s why:

  • Children that grow up around pets are less likely to contract viruses and other illnesses. Their bodies get used to being in a less pristine environment, and that strengthens their immune system.
  • Dogs are loyal defenders of babies. There are tons of examples of this.
  • Having a pet will teach the baby to be especially sensitive as it grows up.
  • Having a pet at home will help teach the child to love animals and nature.

Those are just a few of the big advantages of keeping dogs and babies together, according to animal lovers. But, as we said at the beginning, it really depends on your dog, and what you want as parents. There will always be people telling you what to do, but, ultimately, it’s your decision.

Here’s what these future parents did

A family shows that dogs and babies can live together.

This was the situation Sanjana and Aditya found themselves in. This Indian couple had lots of dogs at home, and when they found out she was pregnant, they were overjoyed, along with their family and friends.

But their loved ones’ joy seemed to fade away a bit when they remembered all the dogs living with them. They immediately told them they should get rid of their dogs, for the sake of the baby.

Sanjana, who works at an animal shelter, hadn’t even considered doing something like that. Their family’s reaction was entirely the opposite to what she had expected of them.

I couldn’t ever give away an animal that loves me and trusts me with the same innocence that my baby does. I couldn’t abandon a family member in order to bring in another.


They knew what they wanted to do, and found an amazingly original way to tell people.

There are lots of ways to announce the arrival of a baby and the feelings that come with it nowadays. Some people do it with unique, original photos, and that’s what this couple decided to do too. These soon-to-be parents had a wonderful response to the news, and to their future situation at home.

The response to their pregnancy: amazing photos

Sanjana and Aditya had a photo shoot with a few very special guests: their dog family. They wanted to get across the message that their dogs were as much a part of the family as their future child was; their idea was to make the dogs seem just like older siblings. There are lots of photos where you can tell how excited they are for their baby sister.

Sanjana is very grateful for her dogs, because she says she had a hard pregnancy where she could barely leave the house. Taking care of them was a good motivator to keep her from blaming her baby or her husband for her situation. How could she abandon them after all this?

We absolutely love the way these parents responded to their pregnancy. Everything can be compatible, including dogs and babies. At the end of the day, it’s just a question of keeping up proper hygiene and making sure they all know their place in the home.

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