Meet Neville Jacobs: A Dog that Became a Writer

Some celebrity pets are as famous as their owners: they are usually trendy and appear on Instagram. Neville is one of those pets that has become an influencer himself, having thousands of followers.
Meet Neville Jacobs: A Dog that Became a Writer

Last update: 01 April, 2020

Celebrity pets are often as famous as their owners. They’re usually fashionable, wearing clothes that cost more than our whole closet, showing up at different events some of us would give an arm to attend. Moreover, the life of Neville Jacobs, Marc Jacobs’ dog, takes place between photoshoots and now even books. We have to say it, what a smart dog!

Neville Jacobs: An “influencer” dog

Neville Jacobs out for a walk.

Neville is no longer simply “Marc Jacobs’ dog”, but now many know him as an “influencer” bull terrier with a full Instagram fan base.  The terrier is white with a brown back and ears, and is the faithful companion of one of the world’s most famous designers.

The story of how this dog became a celebrity is obviously due to his owner. Marc has been uploading hundreds of photos of them together ever since he got Neville. Marc says in his Instagram account that Neville is the love of his life, and this really shows in the pictures where they’re together on the sofa, at the park, in the car, etc.

Neville Jacobs bears his “father’s” surname and is almost as famous as he is. On Instagram, he’s being followed by about 200,000 people! And it seems like he loves cameras as he actually poses for the many photos he’s “published” on the app. He even has a professional photographer on his team to take the best shots of him or to record him doing his eccentric dog stuff.

Living the dog dream

However, this celebrity dog’s life isn’t only about posing for the camera. He’s also all about having fun with his gang of friends, who of course are also “high society” dogs. We’re talking about Lady (Char by Francesco’s dog) and Mia (Lorenzo Martone’s Shiba Inu).

Neville is a very affectionate dog who usually travels on a private plane. In addition, this dog can ask for all the bones he wants and sleeps in an extra-large bed with his owner. One could say he doesn’t have a dog’s life at all!

Neville and the catwalk

As if he wasn’t already too busy living his dog life, Neville has also worked as a model with some of the top representatives in the industry. In addition, more and more people want to pose with him for their marketing campaigns.

Among the models who have been unable to resist Marc’s dog’s charms are Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, and Gigi Hadid. Nevertheless, the campaigns have served in many cases to help associations that fight against illegal dogfighting.

Marc Jacobs’ dog and his new book

Marc Jacobs and his dog, Neville Jacobs.

Who said pets can’t write a book? However, Neville’s not the first pet to release his own publication. The first pet to do this was a cat called Choupette, whose owner is Karl Lagerfeld. Choupette, besides having thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram, has “written” her book which is called “Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat”.

In the case of Neville, the title is “Neville Jacobs: I’m Marc’s Dog” and it was published by Rizzoli Publishing. However, this project also boasts great intentions. All the proceeds from the book’s sales will go to an organization called The Sato Project, an organization dedicated to rescuing abused or abandoned dogs.

Neville Jacobs: I’m Marc’s Dog is a book that’s meant to be enjoyed for its face value. The book just makes you smile and shake your head a bit about the absurdity of it all. You just can’t help but smile and giggle to yourself when you see Neville in all of his natural habitats.

You can read the rest of the book’s review on this website.

Neville’s owner was obviously in charge of the book’s design. On the other hand, his community manager Nicholas Newbold was in charge of social media and networking. You can also follow Neville’s adventures on his social media platforms where this “influencer pet” is one of the most famous stars.

An altruistic celebrity

Apparently, it has become a trend among celebrities to show off their pets and the glamorous lifestyles they have. Others, like Neville, also take advantage of their media exposure and the fact that they’re recognized worldwide to help dogs that haven’t been as lucky as they have.

Many alleged influencers in the fashion world would give an arm to have the number of followers this dog has. In addition, the celebrity dog has even starred in a wonderful video that the New York Times has dedicated to Neville. Enjoy!

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