The Amazing Story of Muki the Cat

Today we bring the story of Muki, the cat. An animal who survived at least seven life-threatening situations caused in large part by its erratic owners. Some may say that Muki spent a good part of his nine lives.
The Amazing Story of Muki the Cat

Last update: 02 March, 2019

The story of Muki the cat seems to be based in Argentina. But there was no published data nor precise names or locations in the printed story about it. We think we know why.

Muki the cat was the fourth of a litter of which only he and one other sibling survived. An old cat, Michu had given birth to three kittens, helped by its owner.

The next day, this person discovered that two of the kittens were dead, but that a fourth one had been born during the night. The kitten was smaller, but soon clung on to life –and the teat of its mother.

While people often say that cats have nine lives, neglectful pet owners seem to want to take them all at once. Learn about Muki’s story

Muki the cat: abandoned in an empty lot at the age of 5 months

The first five months in the life of Muki the cat went by relatively normally until, due to a human whim, the animal was abandoned in an empty lot together with its mother and little brother. Everything seems to indicate that the owner’s male children didn’t want cats in their house.

The decision to abandon the cats brought tragic consequences. Michu and her other kitten died after an attack by stray dogs.

Muki survived and was later rescued by Ines, daughter of the owner of Michu, who went back to find the abandoned cats –perhaps regretting the actions of her family.

Thieves steal Ines’s car with Muki in it

Everything seemed to get back to normal for Muki. But then, one day, Ines took him for a ride and left him in the car. Unbelievably, someone stole her vehicle with Muki inside.

Although they found the car a few days later, a few kilometers away, Muki wasn’t there. No trace of him either.

When they had all but given up looking for him, the kitten reappeared at his home. Almost two months had gone by and the cat was unrecognizable: skinny, dirty and with signs of having been in a fight.

Muki goes to a shelter for fear of toxoplasmosis

Muki the cat chilling out.
Barely five months after Muki’s return, Ines became pregnant and her husband decided that the cat should be taken out of the house for fear of toxoplasmosis. Despite Ines’s pleas, machismo seemed to win the day. As a result, Muki went to live in a pet shelter.

At least this time the cat didn’t go to the street, though. However, he still had to face a new situation of abandonment and start to live with 140 animal strangers.

A year later, Muki the cat, got a new owner. A lady who already had 25 cats took her home.

At that time, the cat lady‘s neighbors filed a complaint about the bad smell and possible animal abuse –the lady allegedly had mental problems. And so Muki went through several foster homes until he was finally taken to another shelter.

Muki the cat, home again

Meanwhile, Ines had managed to convince her husband that there were no risks of toxoplasmosis after her son was born. She begged for the cat to come home.

And, although it was no easy task to find Muki, her persistence paid off. After two years, she was reunited with her pet.

Currently, we know that Muki is stable, and happy to be back home. Let’s hope we won’t have to write another article to update you of his new misadventures!

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