The Best Gifts for Your Pet

Wondering what you could get for your canine or feline friend? Read our article to find inspiration and some great ideas of gifts for your pet!
The Best Gifts for Your Pet

Last update: 11 April, 2019

For many, a cat or a dog is like another child or family member. Others like to give their pets gifts at different times of the year, and are on the lookout for what their animals need. In this article, you’ll find inspiration for the next time you want to buy your furry friend something. Read about which are the best gifts for your pet!

Excellent gifts for your pet

Some may say that your pet isn’t a person, or a baby. However, you can still give it gifts without having to do so on a special day, such as a birthday. Some gifts are not only good for the animal, but also for the owner.

How is that so? They can improve your bond with your pet, and help to avoid certain problems. Pay attention to the following gifts for your pet:

A cat sitting on a scratching post.

Scratching post for cats

You probably know well that felines like to sharpen their claws anywhere, above all on chairs, tables and the couch. What about a giant claw sharpener to help your cat avoid destroying the house?

There are many different models and designs of scratching posts and towers on the market, made from a material that is especially attractive to cats. It helps them sharpen their claws, and your furniture will be eternally grateful!

‘Hands free’ leash for dogs

If you like to take your dog out for a walk in the park but aren’t sure what to do with your phone, keys, fruit and the dog “business” bags, this “gift” is perfect for both of you.

It’s a special leash that you can adjust to fit your wrist. It lets you have your hands free for whatever you want to carry along. Why is it also a present for your dog? Because you’ll want to take it for more walks, since you won’t be worried about what to do with your things!

Hammock for cats

No one can deny that cats love snoozing in some really strange places. On top of the table, below a chair, beside a chest, on the arm of the sofa.

So, what about a hammock so your cat can be comfortable? It will certainly become its favorite place, and you won’t have to eject it from your clothes drawer anymore!

Seat belt for the car for dogs

Want to go on holidays with your best friend? The best option is, of course, to take your dog in your own car. Why? So that your dog doesn’t get stressed due to a radical change in location.

You can also avoid using a dog travel crate, which often makes dogs nervous and scared. Of course, you mustn’t forget about safety. The dog seat belt makes sure your dog can’t jump around inside the car, putting itself at risk and everyone else in the car too.

ID tag for dogs

Even though it might live inside your home and yard, and only goes out for walks with you on a leash, you never know when your dog might escape and get lost. An ID tag with its name and your phone number would be perfect.

But never mind simple designs… why not go for the most elegant option, that goes with your dog’s collar or the color of its coat?

Gifts for your pet: a bridge for cats

It’s similar to the hammock we mentioned above, but is also for playing, and perfect for little kittens. You can hang it above a doorway, and your cat will be able to cross from one side to the other all day long. A hanging bridge made of timber and rope, especially for your feline friends.

Superabsorbent doormat

When you give your dog a bath, or if it comes in wet from outside, what can you do so that it doesn’t track mud throughout the whole house? Meet the superabsorbent doormat! You can also use this type of mat to dry your shoes when it rains.

You can dry your pet’s feet in seconds thanks to some very efficient super absorbent fibers. No more worrying about the moisture that used to cause bad smells and stains on your carpet.

Special place to store your pet’s items

How many times have you searched the house for your dog’s leash to take him for a walk? And with your dog there waiting at the door for you crying?! Put an end to this thanks to one of the most perfect gifts for your pet: a type of rack where you can hang your pet’s personal items.

Apart from the leash, you could also hang a bag with your dog’s toys, keep the dog “poop” bags there, and your dog’s coat, etc.

A dog playing in the pool.

A pool for summertime: one of the greatest gifts for your pet

Dogs suffer from the heat the same way humans do. And of course, you don’t let your pet take a dip in your pool. So, why don’t you give it a pool all to itself? It deserves it! The pool doesn’t have to be that big.

This might seem a little too sophisticated, or just something for celebrities like Paris Hilton. However, giving your dog the chance to refresh itself and cool off on those long summer days is an act of love towards your friend.

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