Drowning Baby Deer Rescued by a Brave Dog

Read on to discover a great story about a baby deer rescued by a brave dog. It'll touch your heart, we're sure!
Drowning Baby Deer Rescued by a Brave Dog

Last update: 21 October, 2021

In a society that continues to promote activities such as hunting, the exploitation of animals for cosmetic uses, and the mass consumption of meat, a dog gives us a beautiful lesson on how to live with other living beings. Find out all about the brave dog that rescued a baby deer.

Harley: the brave dog

Harley, a 6-year old dog currently living in the United States, moved everyone on social media with the noblest and kindest gesture that you can imagine: saving a life. Global recognition came to Harley when the couple, Ralph Dorn and Patricia, witnessed the canine’s exploits, and, without a second thought, they recorded everything from their cell phones.

This dog’s adventure was published in an article in People Magazine. They tell us that, one Monday afternoon, Ralph was looking for Harley, who seemed to have gone missing.

Our hero, who is a Goldendoodle (a mix between Golden Retriever and Poodle), was about 60 meters (200 feet) out at sea. The dog was swimming in the company of another animal that they couldn’t identify.

Ralph was completely astonished when he realized that it was a baby deer, and their dog was guiding it to the shore. When Ralph reached them, he gave the little deer one last hand to get it onto the grass.

According to the witness’s words, the dog didn’t want to leave the deer and preferred to stay by its side, caring for it and making sure it was OK. But this isn’t the end of the whole story.

Later, the mother of the baby deer arrived, and she waited till Harley and his owner left, before she approached her little one and went off with her. However, against all odds, it wasn’t the last meeting of our four-legged friends.

Harley and the baby deer

The next morning, during breakfast time, the couple noticed how Harley couldn’t remain still, going from one window to another inside the house. This caught the attention of Patricia and Ralph, so they decided to open the front door of their home.

Then, to their amazement, they heard the sounds of the deer, who seemed to be calling the furry friend that saved their life the day before. Harley, without hesitating or waiting for anyone, ran towards the trees and the surroundings of the house until she found her little friend.

The deer had come back, and Patricia and Ralph witnessed the whole scene – a truly beautiful reunion! On this occasion, the two friends touched their noses in greeting, sniffed each other and, without further ado, Harley returned home calmly.

By the end of the next day, the deer mother and her young left the place and haven’t been seen again. However, who knows if there may be another encounter in the future?

This incredible event made Patricia and Ralph incredibly happy. However, they said that they weren’t particularly surprised, as they knew what a loving heart their dog had, commenting on the love it feels for children and other animals.

Who is Harley?

Our hero’s life revolves around many friends, as Harley works as a certified therapy dog. The dog provides company on a regular basis to care facilities and assists the children of the local library.

Harley has been shown to be an extremely intelligent and now heroic dog for his actions towards the little deer, earning the friendship and appreciation of the mother deer.

We think you’re great Harley, continue to bring happiness and pride to your family!

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