Phrases You Should Never Say To Dog Lovers

Phrases You Should Never Say To Dog Lovers

Last update: 14 May, 2018

A person who has never been a pet owner may not understand the special bond between a dog and his owner. That’s why this individual should avoid saying certain comments to dog lovers. Or at least try to be a little more thoughtful before saying them.

Things said about dogs

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A person who has never lived  with a dog may have their reason for doing so, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to adopt one.  It may be true that person lacks experience living with a four-legged friend. So, many things might be difficult for that individual to understand.

Likewise, it’s true that many people might be bored or may say things just for the heck of it. They most likely don’t have a clue about animals, but just out of fairness, let’s say some of their remarks may be true.

If you’re a pet owner, surely you have heard some pretty stupid things and you most likely have even felt utterly offended. Take a look at some of those expression below:

Everyone has their freedom of speech, but there are some phases that may upset dog lovers, just like the ones below.

Common phrases that can upset dog lovers

Here are some phrases which are best not to say around dog lovers:

  • “It’s so disgusting seeing them lick people”. Licking is in a dog’s nature. So, there shall be no problem if the animal is well taken care of and the other person has good defenses.
  • Your house is surely full of hairs”. Yes, sometimes that happens, especially during shedding season. Just keep it nice and tidy.
  • How can you be so heartless to have a dog in a small apartment that hardly has enough space for yourself?”. “Well, we’re used to it. Especially because we go out a lot”.  That’s a good answer.

Phrases that make you rethink about your relationship with your pet

It is good to accept that on some occasions, it is possible — from a critical point of view — that not everything about your relationship with your pet isn’t pleasant or wise. For example:

  • Do you ever notice you speak to him like a child?”.  This is true sometimes. Therefore you should never forget that, although dogs are part of the family, you should never humanize them.
  • “Are you aware that your main topic of conversation is your pet?”. Of course, dogs are an important part of your daily life, but they should not be the only thing you care about. How is your social life?
  • “You opened an Instagram account for your dog? Are you for real?”. Also Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, you upload many things online but most of the time it’s a picture of your dog. That’s great as long as you have other interests in life.
  • “Leaving already? Is it because of your pet?”. Are you sure that you’re not having a neglectful relationship? Don’t use your dog as an excuse.

Constantly clueless individuals 

Kid playing with his dog

It would be a good idea for some people to count to ten before opening their mouth. However, they tend to let their mouth loose and say things like this:

  • Your dog is really old. How long do they live?”. How cruel! You might feel like replying back “And how’s your grandmother?” However, you hold your tongue because you’re polite.
  • “Why do you talk to him so much if he doesn’t understand what you’re saying?”. Yes, it’s obvious that this person doesn’t know anything about dogs.
  • “They are a danger to children. They can bite them and transmit diseases”. It’s complete ignorance hearing that come out of someone’s mouth. Educate them on all the benefits that children get from growing up with pets.
  • “How come you get more upset over animal abuse than starving kids in Africa?”. Hey, one has nothing to do with the other.  Both are big issues of concern.

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