They're Here: Tanks and Airplanes for Cats

If you really want to spoil your cat, read along! These new toys may be just what they need if they love to hide inside cardboxes and such.
They're Here: Tanks and Airplanes for Cats

Last update: 02 June, 2019

Pet owners can sometimes be the most eccentric of people! In addition to clothing, costumes, hotels, restaurants, and excessive grooming, we now also have tanks and airplanes for cats. Hey, at least people aren’t using them for cat battles! Find out more about these curious pet toys in this article.

Cats with innovative houses

It’s no longer enough for pet owners to offer their cats or dogs a life full of love, food and care. Some of them are always seeking to make animals more like people or to fill their lives with gifts and objects.

Companies in the pet supply business know about this trend and sell all sorts of things to grab your attention. A company called Suck UK  has launched a series of strange “houses” for cats. That’s how we ended up having tanks and airplanes for cats to ride on!

While you may say these toys are for bored cats, we know it’s actually for cat owners who want to have a laugh with their pets. This company makes curious accessories specially designed to get some hilarious photos. Of course, you can then upload them to social networks. However, in reality they don’t provide comfort and good rest for pets.

Nevertheless, beyond the idea that everyone has about toys for cats, the truth is that it’s an ingenious product that’s worth showing. These “shelters” for cats have several different shapes, are made of cardboard and include an instruction manual. You can also easily assemble them in the comfort of your own home.

Tanks and airplanes for cats

A cat chilling with his toy.

As far as pets are concerned, we can be as original as we like. The market accepts almost any kind of product. Here are some of the funniest shelters for cats:

1. War tank

Army green in color, with inscriptions on the sides and of course a machine gun on the front. The purpose of this tank is for the cat to hide and just “show” its head. Just as if he were ready for a strike.

2. Airplane

This comes with a propeller, wings and everything necessary to take flight as soon as they start the engine (which fortunately isn’t included in this set). In this house, the cat will be able to stick its head out to show that it’s ready for takeoff.

3. Firetruck

This shelter has everything you need to go out and put out a fire, including a large ladder. With its distinctive red color, the cat can “pop out” at the top or hide inside the truck and stick its head out through a front space.

4. Cadillac car

Pink in color and 60’s or 70’s style, this car will surely get your pet some groove. In addition, the cat will be able to pull her head out through the roof or look like she’s driving while sitting (the side and front windows are open).

5. Native house

Out of all the models available, this would be the least “traumatic” for the animal. Although this one looks funny, the cat can lie down inside and feel protected. When assembled, it has a pyramid shape with a wide circular door.

Some other original ideas on beds for cats

This cat is riding a pink cadillac.

Although they couldn’t be considered just simple “beds”, there are many ideas for toy shelters available for our felines. As a result, you can buy or make your own using cardboard, wood and a little creativity.

1. House replica

Make a miniature replica with the same design of your house and allow the cat to live as comfortably as possible in a house of its own size.

2. Piranha

It’s very funny to see your pet come out of a fish’s mouth after a nap. Although they are sold in the market, you can also make it yourself using some fabric and straps.

3. Treehouse

Cats love to climb trees. If you have space in your garden and a not-so-large tree, you can set up a wooden house just for your cat where he’ll have his toys, a bed and his food.

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