A Smartphone for Dogs: Give Them a Call!

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to inventions for pets, you'd probably be wrong!
A Smartphone for Dogs: Give Them a Call!

Last update: 01 March, 2019

There are countless new inventions for our pets and each one is more surprising than the last. This is the case of the last great invention we have been aware of: the new smartphone for dogs.

Would you like to know more about this great invention? We’re going to tell you everything we know, and you might even end up getting one for your dog!

A smartphone for dogs

This new gadget is placed on the dog’s neck like a collar. We recently told you the story about a vest that allowed dogs to “talk”, and this is a yet another one of those clever inventions. The smartphone for dogs lets you know where your furry friend is at all times and what he’s doing.

But how’s that possible? Fairly simple. The collar that houses the new smartphone for dogs has a GPS system installed that lets you pinpoint your dog’s location at all times.

On the other hand, it also has a camera inside that will allow you to see and know what your dog is doing. The cameras are connected to a television, like a surveillance system. You can watch from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or even from your TV.

How many times have you been sitting on your couch thinking it’s suspicious your dog is being too quiet? And when you finally get up to check, you find he’s eaten your most expensive shoes! This will no longer happen with this new smartphone for dogs. With this system, you’ll be able to know what your pet is doing at all times.

There’s more: you won’t even have to yell at your furry friend when you know he’s up to something, just call him on the phone. Just call the dog’s smartphone from your own mobile phone and the dog will know he has to come to you. Can you think of a more convenient way to stop your pet’s mischief?!

Beneficial for your dog’s health

In addition to everything we’ve already explained, this smartphone can even monitor your dog’s heart rate and miles traveled.

Why is this beneficial? Because you’ll be able to control how many calories the animal is eating and how many it’s burning too. You’ll be able to know how his arterial and heart health is doing at all times. Also, if you see any anomalies, you can take him to the vet as soon as possible.

Which kinds of dogs can use it?

A dog wearing the smartphone for dogs in the collar.

This smartphone (called the Motorola Scout 5000, by the way), has been created and designed for large breeds.

The test was tried on larger dogs because they move around and destroy things more than small dogs do (at least most of them).

There is also one for smaller and medium-sized dogs – the Motorola Scout 2500.

However, the difference in this model will be that it won’t have a camera incorporated. This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, because even if you can’t see what your pet is doing, you can simply give him a call if you find it suspicious that he’s not around or making any noise.

We imagine you’re already wondering about the price for this gadget at this point. Surprisingly, it’s not as exorbitant as you might think!

The price is the same as a budget smartphone: 199 dollars. Not bad, huh? At the moment this device is only available for sale in the United States, but we’re sure that it’ll reach the international market pretty soon.

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