All About the Little Lion Dog Breed

According to its own breed's standards, the Little Lion Dog--or the Löwchen--is very affectionate and affectionate towards its owners, attentive, and receptive.
All About the Little Lion Dog Breed

Last update: 26 May, 2020

The Little Lion Dog breed, also known as the Löwchen, is a small-sized dog that originates from France. According to the International Cynological Federation, it belongs to group 9, subsection 1.3.

The history of the Little Lion Dog

The Little Lion Dog is a very old dog breed. So much so, in fact, that we can find a sculpture of this type of dog in the cathedral of the French city of Amiens, a construction that dates back to the 13th century.

Throughout the Middle Ages, we find several representations of this canine in tapestries and French paintings. This goes to show how common this breed was during that time period. What’s more, it reveals how little the appearance of the Little Lion Dog has varied over the last 500 years.

The first recorded mentions of the Little Lion Dog, or the Löwchen dates back to the 17th century and, even more so, the 18th century. Despite the antiquity of this dog breed, however, the Löwchen (Little Lion Dog) Club didn’t come into existence until 1947.

The physical appearance of the Little Lion Dog

The Löwchen is a very intelligent, lively, and attentive breed. It has a good bone structure that’s short and well-proportioned. Its head seems tall with respect to the height of its withers, given the length of its neck.

The Little Lion Dog’s movements are proud and energetic, accentuated by its mane. And, as you’ve probably guessed by now, this mane is the reason behind the breed’s name. It’s worth pointing out that Löwchens must possess this main in order to participate in competitions.

The appearance of the Löwchen dog breed.

As for the dimensions of this small breed, the latest valid American Kennel Club standards were published in 2010. According to these standards, the height at the withers should be between 10 and 12 inches. However, a maximum 1-inch variation is permissible. As for the animal’s weight, it should be approximately 13 pounds.

A Löwchen’s coat should consist of one single layer of long, silky, dense, and wavy hair. Any color or color combination is permissible.

As for the animal’s head, it’s relatively short and quite wide at the top of the cranium and down the snout. The dog’s nose is brown, except when the animal’s coat is brown, and the pigmentation should be total. The Little Lion Dog’s ears are drooping, and the hair on its face consists of an abundant fringe that can reach halfway down the nose.

It’s important to practice caution. Despite this animal’s small stature, the Little Lion Dog possesses a very strong and complete denture. Therefore, it has a very powerful bite.

The nature of the Löwchen

It’s worth mentioning that, like most bichon type dogs, the Little Lion is very loyal and attached to its owner. With a jolly and playful nature, it adapts very well to family life and small apartments.

Little Lion Dog puppies.

According to breed standards, the Löwchen is very affectionate and obedient towards its owners. At the same time, it’s very attentive and receptive. These animals feel comfortable in any circumstances and know how to stay calm if the situation requires.

Tips for caring for Little Lion Dogs

The Löwchen is relatively easy to care for. Because it’s a very old canine breed and has avoided crossbreeding in order to maintain breed purity, we can affirm that the Little Lion Dog is a healthy specimen. We can also say that there are no diseases associated with this breed.

Just the same, like any other pet, Löwchens require certain essential care. This includes regular visits to the veterinarian, walks and physical activity, and a healthy diet. All of these are fundamental conditions that allow our pets to enjoy a long and happy life.

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