Chorkie: All About this Breed

Chorkies are very loving dogs, but somewhat possessive and anxious. They enjoy a lot of walks and attention from their guardians. Find out more about this breed.
Chorkie: All About this Breed
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

The Chorkie is one of the most recognized dog breeds in the world. Its small size, tousled coat, and friendly temperament have made it very popular with owners around the world. However, do you know its origin and the typical characteristics of this beautiful dog?

In this article, we’ll tell you all about this hybrid breed that comes from the crossing of the Yorkshire terrier and the Chihuahua. Keep reading, because we assure you that this dog will captivate you.

Characteristics of the chorkie

Although we don’t know the exact time when the chorkies appeared, it’s believed that it was in the early nineties in Europe. Like most of these types of crosses, this breed arose from the desire of breeders to obtain a canine variant that brought together the best characteristics of the Yorkshire terrier and the Chihuahua, but with more favorable health and character conditions.

So far, because it’s a hybrid breed, the Chorkie has not been recognized as an independent lineage. However, it is accepted by the American Hybrid Canine Club. We’re now going to delve into some of the most distinctive features of this beautiful canine.

A chorkie.

Body and head

The Chorkie is a small dog, measuring between 15 and 23 centimeters (6 to 8 inches) and weighing about 4 kilos (8.8 pounds). In addition to its small size and beauty, this dog attracts people’s interest because it has a higher than average life expectancy. It can live up to 15 years, depending on how well-looked after it is by its owner.

As far as the physical aspects are concerned, this dog has a rectangular body and a round head that closely resembles that of the Chihuahua. However, its coat makes it look a bit more like the Yorkshire. Its ears are triangular in shape, large in comparison to its little head, and stand slightly erect. On the other hand, its eyes are prominent and dark colored, while its nose is small and dark.

Coat and color

Chorkies can have a smooth coat if the Chihuahua genetics dominate or a curly coat if the Yorkshire terrier genes dominate. As for colors, the most common ones are brown, black, gold, and gray. It’s also possible to observe specimens that mix all these tones.

It should be noted that the colors and texture of the Chorkie’s coat may change as the dog grows.

The character of the chorkie

The temperament of the chorkie is complex. On the one hand, they’re autonomous and independent, but they also demand a lot of affection from their owners. If they feel “abandoned” by their human, they become anxious and even destructive.

Although they get along well with people, this is an ideal breed for those who don’t have children and prefer to devote themselves fully to their pets, as they’re quite restless dogs. Their small size isn’t an impediment to enjoying walks and frequent trips to the park.

On another tack, it’s best to teach these dogs to share with other pets from when they’re puppies. If you don’t, they could become aggressive if they’re exposed to unexpected contact with other animals.

Chorkie training

The Chorkie has a strong temperament, and so it doesn’t like to follow orders. This makes the training process slow and it requires a lot of patience, as well as stimuli that can motivate them.

In addition, the owner must be very consistent, as they need to have a definite plan and follow it every day in order to obtain favorable results when training a dog of this breed. Taking into account that it’s a territorial dog, it’s a good idea for the training process to include activities with other dogs in order for them to get used to their presence.

Care and health conditions

The chorkie is a dog that requires the basic care that every pet needs and deserves. They need quality, balanced nutrition, and there must be plenty of exercise to control their weight and anxiety.

In addition to this, their coat requires daily brushing to keep it always clean and silky. However, baths should be limited to once a month at the most, as their skin is sensitive and excess water can alter it. In addition, they’re sensitive to the cold and, because of this, their hair shouldn’t be cut too short and leave their skin exposed.

Their general health is good, as expected by the breeders who created this hybrid breed. In fact, their basic physiological condition is much better than that of their progenitors. However, as we mentioned, Chorkies have very sensitive skin to allergies and other epidermal conditions, so you need to pay close attention on this front.

It’s also necessary to comply with the vaccination and deworming schedule to maintain the dog in good health. Of course, this applies to all breeds.

Did you know all these facts about the chorkie?

As you can see, the chorkie is a dog that is so much more than the beauty we see on the outside. Therefore, before adopting one, you should consider their temperament and their basic needs. That said, if you decide that it’s the right breed for you, rest assured that you’ll enjoy a lot of love and protection when you adopt one of these dogs.

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