"My Other Half" - A Song for all Dog-Lovers

My Other Half (Mi Otra Mitad) is the title of a song written and performed by Venezuelan singer, Tisuby. Any dog-lover is sure to enjoy this wonderful song. 
"My Other Half" - A Song for all Dog-Lovers

Last update: 12 April, 2019

My Other Half (Mi Otra Mitad) is the title of a song, written and performed by Venezuelan singer, Tisuby. At first, it you might think it sounds like a romantic song, probably inspired by the artist’s one true love. But in fact, it’s actually dedicated to our favorite four-legged friends. Any dog-lover is sure to enjoy this wonderful song.

My Other Half – a song all dog-lovers will understand

All will become clear when you watch the music video for Mi Otra Mitad. There, you’ll meet the star, Ingo, one of four dogs adopted by Tisuby. The little dog is a great actor, playing his role perfectly.

“It’s almost like he knew exactly what he had to do, and how to enjoy every minute of filming. Ingo is a very intuitive dog,” stated the singer in an interview about her dog and his part in her music video.

“This video was made with so much love, to honor all dogs around the world. These creatures are so full of love and peace, and they deserve the very best“, she continued.

An artist with a passion for music and animals

Tisuby and her dog, Ingo.

Tisuby was born in Venezuela, but for more than a decade she has lived in Puerto Rico with her husband Gabriel Calero and their four dogs: Ingo, Sabrina, Puss and Manchita.

In interviews, she has said that music and animals are her two great passions. And now it seems she has found a way to combine them with a song dedicated to dogs.

Tisuby started writing songs at a young age. After a successful career as one half of the duo “Tisuby and Georgina”, she launched her solo career with My Other Half.

The artist managed to incorporate a typical Venezuelan instrument into her work: the cuatro. It is the cuatro that gives the piece its distinctive sound.

Anyone who loves dogs will easily be able to identify with Tisuby’s song, The Other Half, which is dedicated to our four-legged friends.

Tisuby’s other half

Cuando me miran tus ojos/se detiene el tiempo y en el sol brillan./Si es de noche o de día, no importa./Contigo todo es especial”.

“When your eyes meet mine/time stands still and in the sun they shine brighter./No matter if it’s day or night./Everything is special with you by my side.

These are the opening lines of the song, and it almost seems as if Tisuby were declaring her love for dogs.

The song goes on:

“Y es que si estoy a tu lado/siento que he encontrado mi otra mitad (…) Porque haces, que el mundo parezca más fácil/que el sol y la luna se abracen/que quiera correr a entregarte/mi corazón porque sólo tú haces/de mi vida una obra de arte”

“And when I’m with you/it feels as if I’ve found the other half of me (…) Because you make the world seem easier/make it seem as if the sun and the moon had become one/make me want to run to your side and give you/my heart, because you turn/my life into a work of art.”

The final lines of the song go:

Haces que quiera correr, abrazarte, y besarte/y mi corazón darte/sin miedo a que lo pueda romper./Aunque lo puedas romper”.

You make me want to run to your side, hug you and kiss you/and give you my heart/knowing you’ll never break it, even though you could.”

So, what do you think? Can you identify with this song? Do you think it represents how you feel about your four-legged friend?

Dogs, inspiring songs for generations

Tisuby's dog Ingo.

Whether it be to dogs in general or to their favorite pets, artists throughout the ages have dedicated songs to man’s best friend. Here are just a few of them:

  • Malasangre, by Joan Manuel Serrat
  • Callejero (Stray), by Alberto Cortéz
  • Old King, by Neil Young
  • I love my dog, by Cat Stevens
  • Martha, my dear, by Paul McCartney
  • My dog and me, by John Hiatt
  • Old Shep, by Red Foley, performed by Elvis Presley
  • Cola Rota (Broken tail), by Gepe
  • Sometimes I don’t mind, by Suicide Machines

There are probably loads more we didn’t include in this list. Maybe the song that represents exactly how you feel about your dog is yet to be composed. Why not write something special for your four-legged friend? After all, for them, there is no greater joy in life than seeing you.

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