What dog breed has the strongest paws?

Although these body parts support the weight of the dog, the largest dog breed doesn't have the strongest paws
What dog breed has the strongest paws?

Last update: 05 October, 2018

When it comes to the canine anatomy, the paws are often checked by the vet. They support the weight of the animal and are responsible for the normal development of the dog. You’ll be surprised to know that the dog with the strongest legs isn’t necessarily the biggest.

According to their morphology, dogs can be classified into three types. Those that are thin and tall (ectomorphic), those with a high-fat content (endomorphic) and those that are muscular (mesomorphic). In general, the dogs with the strongest paws are found in the last category.

Dog Paws

A dog’s paws are consist of having claws, pads, metacarpal pad, carpal pad, and the spur. The whole weight of the dog is supported by the paws. The work of the pads and the metacarpal pad is minimizing the impact of their steps. However, the carpal pad works as a brake on slippery surfaces.

The structure of the dog’s legs is different from front and back. For the most part, the front legs are referred to as cat’s feet because they look similar to those of felines. On the other hand, the hind legs are called hare’s legs because they are similar to that species’ legs.

Dogs sweat through their legs and stay cool despite the heat of the ground. The pads even have a layer of fat that isolates the dog’s internal body temperature. Due to this trait, the dog won’t get cold even in the iciest of climates. Perspiration also occurs when the dog is stressed or nervous.

Dog putting his paw in a huddle

6 dog breeds with the strongest paws

1. When it comes to large and strong dogs, Newfoundlands take up the first few places. This dog breed is commonly found in colder climates, so it’s not surprising that it has strong paws. The shape and arrangement of their claws make them excellent swimmers.

2. Saint Bernard. Besides being big, Saint Bernards are a strong dog. Their paws are usually thick and strong so they no problem moving through the snow in the winter. They can measure up to 90 centimeters in height.

3. Great Dane. Great Danes can weigh up to 100 kilos and measure more than two meters. To support their size, they require very strong paws. They are also a very muscular dog breed. Their paws are usually wide and leave a large footprint.

4. Although this breed isn’t as tall as the Great Dane, it weighs about the same; this is why its paws are very similar. The Bullmastiff is of English origin and it’s the outcome of crossbreeding an English Mastiff and a Bulldog. This combination creates a very muscular dog.

5. Rhodesian Ridgeback. This dog is of South African origin has a strong and muscular frame. Its known for being agile and fast, so it’s a common hunting dog. Their front legs are usually very strong which gives them the good boost of speed that’s needed for racing. 

6. Basset hound. Although their stature and build aren’t like that of larger breeds, the basset hound has powerful paws. Its sturdy and compact appearance forces their small paws to develop a lot of strength.

How to care for your dog’s paws

  • First, hygiene is important. Since they have direct contact with the floor, dogs are prone to getting fungus or infection in their paws. It’s a good habit to clean their paws on a weekly basis.
  • Keep their nails short. Fungi can also spread into their nails when they walk. You can prevent this by keeping their nails short.
  • Keep their paws hydrated. This will prevent cuts caused by dryness. Also, your dog will love the paw massage, as long you don’t apply it too hard.
  • Watch any temperature changes. Very hot pavement can burn your dogs’ paws. That’s why it’s better to take them on their daily walk early in the morning or late afternoon.