The Most Popular Cat Breeds Out There

These seven most popular cat breeds have unique appearances and personalities. Find out what else makes them so special.
The Most Popular Cat Breeds Out There

Last update: 17 November, 2019

Why are cats so popular? It might be because they’re less dependent than dogs. Continue reading this article if you’re considering adopting one, we’ll tell you all about the most popular cat breeds.

Are you a cat lover? If so, then you’ll most likely want to know which are the most popular cat breeds right now. If you opt for one of these then you’ll have an easier time finding a specimen you can care for and give your love to:

1. Persian

The Persian cat with its wide and flat face, abundant fur and varied colors, is one of the most “aristocratic” breeds out there. This is because 75% of the registered pedigree cats are specimens of this breed. As per its name, this kind of feline originated in former Persia (now Iran). Merchants introduced the animals to Italy in 1620, although the breed we know today emerged from a mix with a Turkish Angora cat. They’re medium to large in size and some people also know them as “sofa tigers.”

2. Russian blue

These animals have a silvery short fur. In addition to being one of the most popular cat breeds, they’re also one of the most intelligent. The Russian blue is quite affectionate and, unlike many other cats, they like to be with their people so they’re ideal for households with children. There’s also an American sub-breed that has a rather angular face, big green eyes, and lighter fur.

3. Maine Coon

These cats originated in the USA and some people believe them to be the result of a mix with Marie Antoinette’s Angora cats. (She unsuccessfully tried to get to this country, but her pets did make it). These kinds of felines have prominent cheekbones, pointed ears, large eyes, muscular body, thick hair that’s highly resistant to snow and water, and a long tail.

The Maine Coon is very popular in both Europe and North America. They’re fun-loving animals, somewhat lazy, and quite agile when it comes to hunting mice. Also, they love to be outdoors.

This breed of felines originated in the ancient kingdom of Siam (what we know today as Thailand). Later, someone took them to England and then to the USA at the end of the 19th century. They began to be more popular around the 50s due to their beautiful, slender appearance.

The color of their coat is one of the main characteristics of Siamese cats. They’re usually white or beige and their legs, snout, tail, and ears are dark. Generally, their eyes are blue.

This cat’s head is triangular and their tail is very long, while their fur is short and thin. As for their personality, they’re highly curious, independent, seldom submissive but sociable, and extremely agile thanks to their strong musculature.

5. Abyssinian

This is another one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. They attract a lot of attention due to their elegant, graceful movements and also due to their friendly disposition. Even though their name derives from Ethiopia, the breeding occurred in Egypt.

The breed came to light when someone registered a specimen at an exhibition in England. Some say the cat came from the Abyssinian region (what we know today as Ethiopia). They love to play all day and are quite sweet, curious, and active. They’re also quite demanding of human attention and affection.

6. Ragdoll

A Ragdoll cat.

These cats received the name “ragdoll” due to the fact that they can completely loosen their muscles and relax them. It’s almost as if they were disjointed. The breed originated in California and generally love to be around people. In fact, they don’t like to be alone at all. These creatures have no hunting instinct and seldom react to danger. They’re gentle, quiet and ideal for a small living area.

The Sphynx is another one of the most popular cat breeds. The lack of hair is their main characteristic (in reality the skin is covered by a very thin layer of fine hair). This trait is due to the various mutations it’s undergone throughout its history. In addition, they’re quite slender. This kind of cat is very sweet, laid back, friendly, intelligent, curious and most of them prefer relaxed quiet environments. The animals are quite sociable and can spend hours next to their human or in front of the heater as they’re highly sensitive to cold temperatures.

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