Fight Fleas with These Home Remedies

Fight fleas in a fast and very effective way with these home remedies that we recommend today.
Fight Fleas with These Home Remedies
Sebastian Ramirez Ocampo

Reviewed and approved by the veterinarian and zootechnician Sebastian Ramirez Ocampo.

Last update: 07 December, 2022

Fight fleas with the tips we’re going to offer you below. We’re sure this article will be very useful for you as these tiny creatures are an ever-present in the lives of pet owners.

In addition to fleas, it’s common for our furry friends to acquire ticks and mites, especially if they are often out and about in nature. Read on to discover how you and your pets can be flea-free in a natural, ecological and very economical way.

What are these remedies to fight fleas?

If one of the reasons why you often don’t take your pet out into nature is fleas, then you’ll be curious to discover these home remedies that combat them perfectly. Don’t go anywhere because we’ve got the best recommendations for you!

How to fight fleas.
Combat fleas with these remedies and continuous hygiene.

1. Alcohol with tea tree oil

One of the home remedies that best fights fleas is the mixture of ethyl alcohol with tea tree oil in distilled water. This preparation should be put in a sprayer with which you can spray your pet’s skin after their bath.

The best thing to do is to finish their bath, brush your pet a little, and apply this spray outside the house. This is because it has a rather strong smell, and it’s good to let the air carry away the excess particles.

2. Water of pennyroyal leaves

Another infallible home remedy is the water of pennyroyal leaves, a plant that’s very easy to obtain. What you have to do is boil a liter of water, and, when it reaches boiling point, add a handful of leaves and let it stand.

When the water has cooled enough, put it in a sprayer and spray it on your pet. It’s a good idea to comb first, spray, and comb again. You can do something similar with eucalyptus essential oil, instead of pennyroyal leaves.

3. Chamomile infusion

Chamomile is an aromatic and medicinal plant with many different uses. It fights fleas with an infusion that you can prepare as per the method in the previous point. Of course, the mixture has to have a good concentration because it’s the smell that will keep the fleas away.

When the chamomile water is cold or warm, give the dog a bath in it. In addition to keeping fleas away, the chamomile in the infusion will soothe irritated skin and wounds left by bites and scratching.

Fight fleas.
Fight fleas in a very simple way, using chamomile.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar can’t be missing in our homes due to its many applications. One of them is the care and welfare of your pet. To use this liquid as flea repellent, mix one part vinegar to two parts water in a spray bottle.

Apply it directly to your dog’s skin, or you can also rub it in with a soaked cloth or cotton. You’ll have to be very careful with their eyes, ears, and nose, among other sensitive parts.

Now that you know there are natural and very cheap options, fight fleas and ticks before they harm your beloved four-legged friends. Keep in mind that for them to work, you must apply the same preparation to their bed and usual resting places, where the parasites can hide.

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