Is Dog Insurance Really Necessary?

When you think of dog insurance, you probably think that it's only good if your dog attacks someone else, be it a person or another animal.
Is Dog Insurance Really Necessary?

Last update: 09 March, 2019

Dog insurance covers a lot more than just your dog hurting someone. So, let’s talk about why this is such an important subject and what types of insurance you can choose to cover your pet.

Why buy dog insurance?

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All dogs, whether they are aggressive or not, must have mandatory liability insurance, however, this kind of protection can also bring you other benefits. For example:

  • Personal expenses. There’s no social security for dogs, as there is for humans, in many countries. Therefore, if an accident happens, you would be forced to pay for all the medical costs your animal may incur in order to be cured.

For example, imagine that you’re walking your dog down the street and they take off and run after another animal. Then, in a stroke of bad luck, the dog goes off into traffic and a car runs them over. Depending on the type of insurance you’ve selected, it may cover most of the expenses.

Imagine another example. Your dog is rather affectionate, the kind who loves to wander off and greet everyone. For that reason, they tend to jump on people. Everyone knows this is not aggressive behavior –although some consider it a bit gross.

Imagine that they jump on an elderly person, and the person falls over and breaks their hip. If you have pet insurance, it’ll cover the medical bills and other expenses that may result from such an unfortunate accident.

More benefits

  • Your peace of mind. Knowing that your dog is insured will make you feel comfortable about taking them out and walking around with them; you’ll know that if something happens, you are both covered.
  • It’s affordable. There’s decent insurance out there; the monthly premium can range from as low as $10 to a bit over $100. And so, dog owners might expect to pay between $30 and $50 per month for a plan with good cover. Insuring your pet is definitely worth the peace of mind it provides.

Where does one buy dog insurance?

There are many insurance companies offering different types of pet insurance out there. You can find them through the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, and on the internet. Most of them have the same minimum requirements for cover.

Types of policies

The cover that these dog insurance policies offer is quite extensive, and can be extended further according to the type of policy. The most common are:

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  • Civil liability. This type of insurance will cover expenses from damage or harm to your dog, and to other animals, as well as to other people as a consequence of any misbehavior from your pet. In the same vein, it’s also mandatory, and most people refer to it as third party insurance.
  • Theft or loss. If you lose your dog, then this type of insurance will compensate you for the monetary value of the dog. Furthermore, it’s recommended that you buy one of these if you have an expensive, rare breed of dog. We do understand that money won’t bring your dog back, and it won’t compensate for your emotional distress, but at least you’ll be able to replenish your wallet.
  • Accidents. The insurance policy, in this case, will take care of all the medical expenses that you may incur as a result of an accident.
  • Putting down. If your dog must be put down, the insurance will cover all expenses as well as cremation costs.
  • Veterinary assistance. This is a type of dog medical insurance. Moreover, you can take your pet to any affiliated vet and obtain treatment, and the insurance company will reimburse you for all medical expenses. Above all, remember to save any bills and medical reports.
  • Legal assistance. If your dog causes an incident and you find yourself involved in a lawsuit, this type of dog insurance will cover all your legal expenses.

As you can see, protecting your dog and yourself is of utmost importance. Though you may say “that’ll never happen to me,” unexpected things can happen at any time, and we should be prepared for any eventuality.

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