How Dogs Adopt Different Sleeping Positions

Nothing can seem funnier than observing the positions that our dog assumes while sleeping.
How Dogs Adopt Different Sleeping Positions

Last update: 15 February, 2018

Almost no sleeping positions seem the same as another. And, it even seems to have one selected according to the time it is. So, we want to tell you that dogs’ positions have a lot to do with the situation that they are experiencing.

Dogs’ positions according to the moment

Dog’s Best Life, a website specializing in dogs, states that a dog’s different ways of sleeping show not only the situation in which they live, but also the attitude they have and certain features of their personality.

Let’s see different positions and what each one can teach you about your pet:

Belly down

sleep well

They say that these dogs show tenderness and shyness, but do not be fooled. They will also be able to stand up at the slightest sign of trouble or if they are in danger.

Belly up

A puppy that adopts this position basically does it for one reason: to cool its body. Although taking this position also shows that it feels safe, protected and confident in the place where it is.

On its side

This is one of the most typical postures in which a dog sleeps. If yours does so, it’s because it is very comfortable not only in that place, but in its home in general. In addition, this denotes that it is a confident and extremely happy dog.

Snuggled up

This is a position normally taken by dogs that sleep outside the home. It allows them to keep their most important organs warm, although they could also do so as a means to receive and distribute heat.

“Corpse” position

We have already said before that there are dogs that sleep belly up. However, there are others who do so with their legs stretched out, as if they were dead. Well, this is a very vulnerable position for the animal, which shows that it is extremely comfortable at home.

It feels like part of the family. It knows it is loved and protected and thinks that while it is there with you, nothing bad can happen to it.

Flattened out

We could also call it the frog’s posture, because that’s what our friends look like when they take this position. However, this is more common among puppies that have no worries, are happy and are motivated. They do it as a way to balance their energy.

Passed out

Like us when we get very tired and we throw ourselves onto the couch, dogs can adopt a posture that seems as if they had thrown themselves down. This, like many, is also a vulnerable posture, which makes them look like they are safe and relaxed. They also say that the dogs that adopt this position are able to adapt to different situations.

The importance of your pet’s sleep

sleep with pets 2

Some positions are more fun than others — there’s no doubt about that — but they all have the same goal: rest. The animals need their relaxation and rest sessions just like us, so it is advisable not to break its sleep cycle.

If an animal sleeps, we must let it do so and not wake it up at will because we want to play with it, or move a piece of furniture. There are things that can wait and that must be one of them.

Good rest and a deep sleep is essential to these animals so that they are calm, recover their energy and do not show destructive or aggressive behaviors.

Therefore, enjoy those moments watching your dog and laughing at its fun postures. Let it rest and you will see how living together is much calmer. After all, who likes to be woken up from a nap while sleeping? Sweet dreams!

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