How to Moisturize Dogs' Skin

How to Moisturize Dogs' Skin

Last update: 15 April, 2018

After ruling out that your pet has skin disease, you should moisturize your dog’s skin when it´s dry. There are many different options, such as artificial and natural products. It is always preferable to use the latter. There are elaborate articles written by professionals that can be very helpful. Before starting an effective treatment, it is necessary to identify the reasons why you pet has dry skin.

A proper diet to moisturize a dogs’ skin

Initially, a good manner to do this is changing the dog’s diet to improve the natural fat layer production of the skin.  Some specific foods to use are fish, oil drops, and eggs. All of them help our friend naturally regenerate his dermis and make it shiny.

A dog´s diet is fundamental for good skin

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it is important to pet our dog because it stimulates the skin and fat production on his body.

When the animal shivers from the cold, we have to find a solution for the situation. Other than having an unpleasant experience, cold weather is actually one of the main reasons behind skin dryness. There are many doggy coats and clothes at stores.

Bath and hygiene products to moisturize a dog’s skin

A bath is important for you dog. Also, excessive bathing can also cause skin dryness due to the water destoying the dermis’s natural protection. It is good that owners get informed about the required timing between baths so that your dog’s skin doesn´t suffer any damage.

As far as shampoos, you should use one specially made for dogs. You must never use shampoo made for humans. In the case your friend has dry skin, there are some special shampoos that contain oats; a very positive component for skincare.

Likewise, there are many useful hair products for people.  We can find at the store conditioners that hydrate and give some extra pizzazz to our four-legged friend’s hair. 

As for conditioning products, they should be left on the hair for at least 15-20 minutes . Then, use plenty of water to rinse away the remains. It is important to bush the dog if it has a lot of hair.  When done frequently, it will regulate and prevent dust, dirt, and dandruff from building up.

Using olive oil to moisturize a dog’s skin

Olive oil also has many benefits. Using it will not be a problem since it is a natural product with strong moisturizing properties. However, it is necessary to divide it doses, since it can cause oil stains on the bed, floor, and even the walls.

Drinking plenty of water and sunbathing

Drinking plenty of fresh water will help our pet hydrate its inner tissues, which will also affect his skin.

Even though, it’s known that the sun is very beneficial for animals’ health, too much exposure can cause burns and irritations. If your pet does not have hair, you have to be conscious of burns during the summer, especially when going to the mountains or beach. Their skin is not very different from ours in that sense.

Over exposure to ultraviolet rays can develop preneoplastic lesions on the nose and torso. If our friend spends most of his life at home, he will be even more vulnerable.

The breeds that are most sensitive to this so-called “main solar dermatitis” are: Boxers, White Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Beagles, Dalmatians, and German Shorthaired Pointers. 


Take care of dog´s skin when being in the sun for a long time

Sunburns can appear in many forms: peeling, scabbing, erosions, irregular swelling, and ulcers, among others. The most affected areas are the ventral and lateral sides of the abdomen and inner thighs. However, there can also be lesions on the sides, tip of the tail, or distal area of extremities. Nasal lesions and adjacent hairless skin without pigmentation, become red and flaky.

At its highest level, longs periods of time of being exposed to the sun will cause alopecia, scabs, erosions, ulcers, and scars. There is a higher risk factor between 9am and 4pm for both dogs and humans. It is necessary to apply sunscreen.