Take a Look at the City Where You Can Only Buy Rescued Animals

Take a Look at the City Where You Can Only Buy Rescued Animals

Last update: 28 June, 2018


The purebred dog and cat industry is a major issue. It puts animals in a critical position. These animals are victims of abuse and considered as baby-making (and money-making) machines. Therefore, people support laws that only enforce the sale and purchase of rescued animals.

Pet stores: a frightening industry

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Pet stores that sell cats and dogs don’t show what goes on behind doors. The foundation of these businesses is the suffering of living creatures. Females must mate with a virile male in order to have puppies, and later must remain inside a cage during her pregnancy. There is no rest period between births, and once she can no longer reproduce, they dispose of her like trash.

This isn’t always the case; there are some companies that take much better care of their animals’ health. However, there are millions of dogs that must endure the cruelty of humans who only want to make money at the expense of innocent lives.

How San Francisco is stopping indiscriminate pet store

One strategy is taking place with the hopes of abolishing the commercialization of pets through puppy millsIn San Francisco, a law was recently approved that only allows pet stores to sell animals that were rescued, abandoned, or brought from shelters. The only exception to this rule is for puppies coming from official breeders that comply with certain regulations. These include providing humane conditions for the mothers.

These limitations also state that the sale of a puppy cannot take place before it is two months old. Until then, the puppy must stay with its mother and siblings. A member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors named Katy Tang proposed this project. The board voted in favor, and later the city council approved it.

One of the goals of these regulations is to do away with excessive breeding of purebred dogs. They also intend to find a solution for the city’s problem of having strays. The passing of the law was celebrated by animal rights groups and pet lovers alike.

The greed of some people give life to a cruel industry where animals are treated like objects. In many places female cats and dogs are imprisoned in tiny metal cages, and are allowed to be outside every blue moon. Therefore, they spend most of their lives locked up in these prison-cells, constantly producing litters.

The Law’s objective is to only sell rescued animals

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In addition, this law intends to make awareness about the horrible pure-breed dog industry. Therefore, promoting the adoption of mixed-breed animals and mutts would help pets that usually struggle to find homes.

Sometimes animals remain in shelters for years. In this part of the United States, thousands of animals are found annually.  Currently the region is providing food and veterinary care for almost 6,000 dogs.

The city of San Francisco has recognized that animals are not merchandise. Dismantling this cruel, greedy, and damaging industry is a necessity. Luckily other parts of the United States are following San Francisco’s steps. There will soon be more news about their laws in places like San Diego, Philadelphia, Chicago, Austin, and Boston.

If you are considering to buy a pure-bred dog, find out how the breeding process works in your city or country. Only purchase from somewhere that guarantees the animals haven’t suffered. Perhaps the mother of your puppy was abused during birth, and she is still trapped in this horrible situation while people support this business. Please, reflect on this simple phrase: “Don’t buy your friends – adopt them.”


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