Disabled Dogs: Woman Uses Cribs, Wheelchairs and Diapers

There are always kind-hearted people who give all their love and help to the animals that need it most. Let's look at one such story.
Disabled Dogs: Woman Uses Cribs, Wheelchairs and Diapers

Last update: 24 September, 2021

We don’t often hear of disabled dogs that are cared for by their owners. Generally, these dogs are abandoned on the street, suffer accidents, and are left in a much more vulnerable situation to all kinds of abuse.

Without a doubt, disabled dogs require special attention and not everyone is willing to do this. However, some good-hearted people do everything possible to provide them with the well-being they need, and it’s no secret that almost no one adopts these lovely animals.

Some shelters and foundations open their doors exclusively to take care of dogs that are left suffering serious consequences after being victims of an accident. We’re going to tell you about one of these places now, because good deeds deserve recognition, in addition to serving to inspire others to save lives regardless of whether they are pedigree dogs, large dogs, or puppies.

Milagros perrunos.

Milagros Perrunos: a shelter for disabled dogs and cats

Many stories can move us when it comes to animals in extreme situations. Abandonment and abuse are some of the most frequent factors, but there are always people willing to help. Such is the case of this shelter for kittens and disabled dogs located in the city of Lima, Peru.

Milagros Perrunos is the name of this home where more than 120 rescued dogs and cats currently live. Many of them are put up for adoption while others, the most affected, remain permanently on the site, receiving the necessary care.

Shelter for dogs.

This is how it all started

Sara Morán Calderón is the founder of Milagros Perrunos, who, since 2015, has moved hundreds of people after revealing that she rescued a group of disabled dogs that were out in the open, lying on the sidewalk with clear signs that they had been run over.

Various digital portals reported the event at the time, noting that the woman took seven dogs to the veterinarian to attend to their situation and later gave them a roof at her home. This is how she created the home that currently functions thanks to the donations they receive and the raffles they do to acquire the supplies they need.

We found out about this through an interview she gave, as well as spreading the information on social networks.

“God has touched my heart to help these dogs. I love and admire them because, despite their misfortunes and people’s indifference, they never lose the will to live “
-Sara Morán-

Shelter for dogs.

Milagros Perrunos stands out due to the work of Sara Morán, who modified cribs especially to cater for the most affected, as well as wheelchairs and diapers for those who are missing a leg, have deformities, and for those who don’t realize when they’re going to urinate.

In addition to disabled dogs and victims of abuse, it has also provided shelter for other dogs and cats with diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, and several other conditions. The shelter actively supports itself by setting aside a part of its organization to promote adoption and collect supplies to maintain all these lovely animals.

Shelter for disabled dogs.

Other shelters for disabled dogs

Just as the hosts of Milagros Perrunos have their wheelchairs, many other dogs use them when their owners acquire them their aging pets, or those who are suffering from diseases. Dogs in other animal protection organizations also use them.

  • In Madrid, the Bichos Raros association has been in charge of caring for and rehabilitating animals with special needs (paraplegics, tetraplegics, and those with neurological problems) for more than four years, providing orthopedic elements for those who need them.
  • In Thailand, there’s a foundation that houses disabled, sick, elderly, and paralyzed dogs, providing them with care such as water therapy and canine physiotherapy, as well as food and adequate care so that they have a good quality of life.
  • In Argentina, we heard about a shelter called Las Renatas, where they also treat dogs with motor disabilities and provide, as far as possible, all veterinary care and interventions to keep them as well as they can.
Disabled dogs.

Like these, there must be many houses where loving people give a large part of their lives to contribute to animal protection. Do you know of any homes for ill or disabled animals in your area? Surely these faithful friends would appreciate your support.

How I can help?

On social networks, there are dozens of accounts, profiles, and pages to find associations and shelters according to your location. Collaborating with a nearby animal protection association, shelter, or foundation is a nice and simple way to help.

Why not attend the activities they carry out to raise funds for supplies, make a direct donation for the welfare of dogs or cats with special needs. In addition, if you live in a stable situation, maybe you’ll have time to give your love to one of these animals, and make them part of the family, you could give him a decent life by adopting.

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