Dog Reacts to Owner Dressed as His Favorite Toy: Gumby

Dog Reacts to Owner Dressed as His Favorite Toy: Gumby

Last update: 22 June, 2018

How would a dog react if he saw his owner dressed as his favorite toy? Well, guide dog trainer Emily Crisp wanted to know the answer. So she asked her boyfriend to dress like Gumby, the toy her dog Jolene is constantly playing with. This is what happened…

When Jolene sees her favorite toy in giant size

In addition to being Jolene’s favorite toy, Gumby is the main character in an animated television series . T he dog was enjoying playing with her doll when all of a sudden a human-sized version of Gumby appeared in front of her and started moving around.  At first, Jolene was stunned, completely paralyzed. Then she reacted, and joyfully threw herself on the giant Gumby.

Crisp, who lives in the Californian city of Petaluma, published the video of Jolene and the human-sized Gumby on her Facebook profile. The video soon went viral on social media.

The trainer wrote on her wall: “How to brighten your dog’s day… Bring her favorite toy to life.” Jolene certainly does seem very happy. If you want to see for yourself, here is the video .

You can also double-down on the bet and find out personally how a dog reacts when he sees his favorite toy suddenly the size of a human. What does your dog like to play with? Do you dare dress up like it?

Dogs and their toys

Dogs love playing with toys. They’re entertained by them for hours, perfect pals if the dogs have to stay alone for a good part of the day or if you don’t have much time to dedicate to them even when you are home.  Plus, they help stimulate your dog’s  intelligence and calm his anxiety in stressful situations.

For these reasons, select your dog’s toys very carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian which options are the best for your four-legged friend’s age and other characteristics.

The pet product market offers millions of options for dog toys, but you can also make them.  In any case, the essential thing is that they be safe for animals. Avoid anything that might poison your pet, hurt his mouth or choke him. You also don’t want it to cause an obstruction in his digestive tract if he ingests all or part of the toy.

So make sure that the toys you choose:

  • Are large enough so that the animal can’t swallow it.
  • Are made with materials that are not toxic.
  • Do not break easily.

Have fun with your pup

You may want to try out this prank and dress as your dog’s favorite toy, but even if you don’t, always find time to play with himInteracting in this way with your dog is beneficial for both of you. There’s no doubt about it!

Your dog will be beyond happy. At the same time, he’ll be physically active and be stimulating his intelligence via play.  Not to mention, you too will forget your worries for a while and feel renewed and happy. You’ll see!

If you don’t believe it, there are actually scientific studies that show that people who share their lives with pets are healthier and happier. So go play with your pup today.

Photo source: Facebook Emily Crisp

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