The Dog who Cared for a Lost Boy for 2 Days

A Mexican boy got lost in the mountains for 2 days and a dog took care of him
The Dog who Cared for a Lost Boy for 2 Days

Last update: 02 February, 2019

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend. However, these animals constantly find new ways to prove their loyalty, especially when it comes to children. Today we bring you the story of a lost boy in a mountain range and how a dog took care of him until he was rescued two days later.

The lost boy who survived thanks to a dog

How a dog saved a lost boy.

The events in question occurred in the Mexican state of Nuevo LeónJuan Heriberto Treviño Leal, 14, was helping in missionary and social work with a group from the Maria Auxiladora Church, located in Guadalupe just to the East of Monterrey. Their work brought them to a remote part of the Sierra Madre mountain range outside the municipality of Galeana.

But the boy wandered away from the group. While alone, he suffered a fall, and got separated from the rest. His group noticed his absence and the search began shortly after.

40 hours later, rescuers found Treviño together with a dog. The boy then told his rescuers how the dog had looked after him.

How the dog saved him

Rescuers found the teenager safe and sound in an area called La Palmitosa in Galeana, 5 hours from the campsite of the church group.

The animal, a labrador that lived on a nearby mountain ranch, had not left the boy’s side since seeing him wander into the area alone.

Treviño had become separated from his group and lost his bearings after sliding into a ravine. Realizing he could no longer retrace his steps back out, he began to follow a dry river bed until he had to stop at nightfall.

Luckily, Max the Labrador accompanied him all the way. The dog gave him warmth through the freezing cold night high in the mountains. The boy hugged the dog as he slept and used clumps of Spanish moss to cover his legs.

Found side by side

Treviño told how he prayed to keep up hope, even as the hours passed without anyone coming to his rescue.

On the second day, the boy was getting thirsty. Once again Max came to the rescue. The dog drank from a small pond, giving the boy confidence to do the same.

A short time later, two local men acting with the search party, finally stumbled upon the location of the lost boy and the dog.

Leoncio Ramírez and Jesús Espinosa had begun searching the area on horseback an hour and a half beforehand. Upon seeing them, the teenager ran to meet the men. They offered Treviño food, water, and a soda. Afterward, they brought him and the dog to a ranch where the other rescuers and the family of the lost minor awaited him.

A happy ending for the lost Mexican boy

A happy Golden Labrador with a ball.

The boy was transported first by helicopter and then by ambulance to a hospital. There, doctors confirmed that the boy was fine, albeit very tired and a little malnourished.

Local authorities said how easy it was to get lost in that particular part of the mountains. They emphasized how lucky the boy was to find the dog, given the cold night-time temperatures at altitude in that area.

As for Max, as much as the Treviño family wanted to adopt him, he returned home to the ranch and his owner.

There’s no doubt the teenager will never forget this traumatic experience, and neither will he forget the dog that took such good care of him when he needed it the most.

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