In this section, we’ll tell you all of the news related to the animal world: from rescue stories to stories of unconditional love, memories and more.

Meet the Thai King Who Adopts Dogs

King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand has become very well-known throughout the world in the last few years. This is because of the enormous fortune that he has and because he is one of the heads of state that has been…

Science Shows that Dogs Have Feelings

Can dogs have feelings? Are these animals capable of feeling empathy? The perception that we have of animals is continuously changing. The conscience of animals Both the scientific community and the legal world have been reluctant to accept that animals…

Are Black Cats Really Bad Luck?

Would you like to know why black cats are associated with bad luck? If you’re at all curious, then do not hesitate to keep reading.  Black Cats in Ancient Times To begin our story, we have to time-travel several centuries back.…

The Behavior of Packs of Wolves

Perhaps it is because of their close coexistence with humans over millennia. Or, perhaps it is because of their shared ancestry with dogs. (After all, dogs are man’s best friend.) Let’s take a look at how packs of wolves behaves.