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Dog Walking Regulations in Your Area

Everyone with a dog should be able to bring them along wherever they go. Of course, it would be great if the dog could just run free, unleashed. Unfortunately, there are many dog walking regulations nearly everywhere. It’s priceless to…

Meet Negão, the Gas Station Dog

What would you think if you went to fill up at the gas station and a four-legged employee greeted you? Well, if you’re anything like Negão’s customers, you’d love it. Read on, and meet the gas station dog!

The Most Famous Pets on Facebook

Famous pets are all the rage online. So much so that their pages on social media sites have more followers than many human celebrities. Even though we’ve written about famous pets on numerous occasions, today we’d like to talk about…

Chimpanzee Culture is Disappearing

Within the animal kingdom, primates are an especially interesting group. They have different behaviors and unique cultural traits. Species such as chimpanzees have clear cultures, but a study says chimpanzee culture is disappearing. Animal culture There are many animal species…