The Name Game: Great Names for Small Dogs

With a list of great names, you'll be on your way to selecting the best option for your new pet in no time
The Name Game: Great Names for Small Dogs
Francisco María García

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

For many people, small dogs are usually more practical. There may even be more variety of names for them. But in many cases, these little ones are not what they seem. It is necessary to know a bit the character profile of this type of animal. In this way, it will be easier to decide if we really want such an animal as a pet. But, however it goes, discover some names for small dogs in case you decide on them to keep you company.

General characteristics of small dog breeds

Small dogs inspire tenderness and trust. However, not everything is always what it seems. Small breeds are characterized as being hyperactive, and even having a more childish profile. These types of animals can be perfect as pets.

Many families adopt these types of dogs to spend time with their children. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that the nature of these kinds of breeds’ will not always be the most appropriate. Small dogs are characterized by being unfocused, somewhat clumsy and uneasy. They may not be very helpful when it comes to protecting or caring for a child. If what you are looking for is a playmate, maybe the idea could be good.

The advantages of small dogs

Small breeds also have their virtues. One of them is that you will not need as much space to keep these kinds of dogs inside the house. In addition, a small dog’s diet is usually not as complex as that of a large dog. In terms of care, it is possible that small breeds are more practical.

The Toy Poodle, for example, is one of the most famous small dogs in the world. They are perfect companion pets. Their profile is very similar to that of a child. They are playful, hyperactive, energetic dogs, although also somewhat distracted. It is necessary to pay close attention to them. Its unusual coat makes them animals endowed with great beauty.

Name ideas for small dogs

There is a wide range of names that are perfect for small dogs. Many people tend to be inspired by characters from series or movies. The reality is that choosing a name for a pet can be an extremely exciting and fun task. The youngest in the household usually really enjoy coming up with the most appropriate name for their furry friend.

  • Toy: This is a very useful guy. It honors the Toy Poodle breed.
  • Flipper: This is also a very attractive name for small personalities.
  • Sam: Many people choose to give their pets this name.
  • Emma: It is widely used for small breed females.
  • Avril: This is a delicate and soft name, which works very well for female dogs with light fur.
  • Ally: Simple and perfect.
  • Bingo: Many small dogs carry this name.
  • Cloe or Cleo: This is also a very popular name for small dogs.
  • Candy: This inspires sweetness and empathy.
  • Tom: In honor of the great cat from this cartoon.
  • Jerry: In honor of the funny mouse from cartoons.
  • Chipi: This is another name for small pets that attracts a lot of people.

More name ideas for small dogs

  • Conny: It is also a widely used name for this type of dog.
  • Goofy: A charismatic and funny alias.
  • Gasper: This name suggests cunning and a rather cheeky profile.
  • Scooby: In honor of the great “Scooby Doo.”
  • Kim: This is one of the most popular names for small dogs.
  • Kelly: This is a very feminine and sophisticated name.
  • Kiko: Many small dogs proudly carry this name.
  • Lucas: Many people find this to be an attractive name for dogs of small breeds.
  • Junior: This refers to “small.”
  • Sparky: This is also a very popular name among small breeds.
  • Simba: In honor of the great lion from the Disney movie.
  • Zazu: Also in honor of a Disney character.
  • Bambi: This is a name that inspires tenderness and delicacy.
  • Jack: Although it seems a bit rougher than the others, it is also very common in small breeds.
  • Dylan: This is a very original name, which fits well for small dogs.
  • Sparrow: In honor of the great character “Jack Sparrow.”
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A fun activity

As you can see, choosing a small pet’s name can be a very fun activity. There are thousands of diminutives that can fit perfectly. It will always be advisable to study the animal’s personality, so that the name matches him. Do not forget that the animal’s name will be his first identification. It is something that he will take with him all his life.

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