There Is Now Wine for Cats

Now you can have a wine night with your cat! Read on and find out more!
There Is Now Wine for Cats

Last update: 06 February, 2019

The idea that there is nothing new under the sun just doesn’t hold water when applied to products for pets. Every day brings a surprise in this thriving market. Wine for cats is the latest and greatest example of just such an innovation to hit the shelves, now available in red or white. Would you like to know more?

How are the wines for cats made?

At times, cat behavior can be difficult to understand, even for their owners. However, the days of head-scratching confusion are over thanks to wine for cats. Now you can have a wine night. The guest list: you, your cat, and a few nice glasses of wine to relax and help you get to know each other. Joking aside, it will help you relax knowing your cat’s concoction contains absolutely no alcohol.


Cat lying next to wine for cats
Source: Facebook of Apollo Peak Cat Wine

The wine’s main ingredient is catnip which most cats thoroughly enjoy. However, according to experts, the percentage of cats that are sensitive to the plant is about 65%. To capture the attention of the remaining cats, and strengthen the sensation already felt by the majority, the recipe includes beet essence which is also very attractive to felines.

How best to serve wine to cats

The best standard of service for serving your cat’s wine calls for a special glass, or at least some vessel different from the one your cat drinks its water from. Also, cats typically don’t go for chilled beverages. Your cat will most likely enjoy its wine at a pleasant room temperature.

Will your cat like it?

Almost certainly your cat will love it! The ingredients are veritable cat magnets. Furthermore, there’s another ace in the hole: the cat’s renowned curiosity. When a cat sees a new drinking dish, with an interesting new liquid giving off an intoxicating aroma it won’t be able to resist.

It could take some time, but eventually your cat will draw near and taste the beverage. Don’t be surprised if, after its first taste, the cat jumps back or leaves the room. Cats often need time to acclimatize to new things in their environment. It’s a good bet that it will be back for more sooner rather than later.

How does the wine affect cats?

When the cats smell the catnip in the wine they become playful and a little rambunctious. The catnip seems to be pretty exciting for them, but when they drink it something curious occurs. They become very calm. If yours is the kind of cat that stays up all night roaming the house it can be very irritating for you and the whole family. Especially, if you have wooden floors!

In that case, cat wine is your answer. Your cat will fall deeply and peacefully asleep after drinking the wine so you can sleep well in turn.

What does it look like and where can you buy it?

Cat dipping paw in wine for cats.


Cat wine comes in two colors, red and white. Some cats can be allergic to beet, so the while the red cat wine contains beet, the white contains none. However, both varietals should have the same pleasant effect on your cat no matter which one you choose. Bottles of cat wine are measured in meownces (very funny, right?) and come with screw-top to make it easy to open and for it to keep well over time.

You can find this wine for cats in pet stores and in big-box stores that carry pet products or have a pet aisle. If they don’t have any in stock ask if they can order some. Finally, for the sake of you, your family and your cat, do away with short little catnaps and start sleeping the whole night through.

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