Alternative Medicine for Pets

There are several different therapies, as well as natural medicines, which have been proven to work for pets. They ease physical pain and contribute to mental health 
Alternative Medicine for Pets

Last update: 05 July, 2020

Alternative medicine is fashionable in all areas, also in the animal world. Many are skeptical about it, but does alternative medicine work for pets? Let’s find out! 

Over the years, many studies have proven that alternative medicine also works for pets. Many owners choose it and the results have been excellent. Would you like to know what kind of alternative therapies are used for pets and what for? We’ll tell you! 

Various alternative medicine therapies for pets 

Bach Flowers for physical ailments 

We all know that Bach flowers have benefits for stress and anxiety. However, for pets, it has been shown that they work to calm some physical ailments.  

A bottle of essential oil.

For example: 

  • Travel sickness 
  • Eye problems 
  • Fear of noises like fireworks 
  • Bad relationships with other pets 
  • Urinary problems 

Obviously, the amounts and the time it takes depends on each animal and situation. Therefore, you’ll need to consult with an alternative pet medicine expert. 


Several countries have used this technique as therapy for years. This involves using small, fine needles at different points in the body, either to cure an illness or to relieve pain. 

A dog having acupuncture therapy.

Many pets have undergone this therapy, with positive results. Would you try it on your pet? 


Just like people, pets with emotional problems can also harm their own physical health. These emotional problems can be caused by abuse, fire, abandonment, a traffic accident, or similar circumstances. 

This therapy is similar to acupuncture, but it doesn’t use needles. However, various points are controlled to help alleviate the symptoms of physical problems, and also to control emotions triggered by trauma. This form of alternative medicine therapy should be performed by a professional. 


This method comes from two Tibetan words: Rei meaning ‘spirit’ and Ki meaning ‘energy’. Thereforethis therapy consists of ‘spiritual energy’. 

A puppy high fiving a human.

It could resemble Japan’s technique of imposing or laying on hands. The idea is to transport positive energy from the environment and the practitioner to the animal so that it feels better, both emotionally and physically. 


Animals often find natural products that are good for their health. But, of course, this will be easy for wild animals, but more difficult for domestic animals. 

Therefore, aromatherapy is an option, which consists of choosing the smells that can help in certain aspects of animal health and treating them with it. These are marinated essential oils or used as aromatic herbs, clay, and other forms. 


For years, people have given their pets this form of alternative medicine. Chemical and toxin-free natural medicine have proved useful for animals. Therefore, many have chosen this form of alternative medicine for their pets. 

Your pet will undergo a consultation to see which remedy suits them best. The list is broad, although not all illnesses or diseases can be treated with this medicine. 

So, these are the most popular alternative medicines for our pets that give the best results. Would you choose them for your pet? 

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