The Benefits of Combining Wet Food with Other Types of Food

The Benefits of Combining Wet Food with Other Types of Food

Last update: 18 July, 2018

Choosing the best food for our dog, is not always an easy task. It is not just a matter of going to the pet food section of a supermarket and choosing between wet foods or other types of food. There are many more factors to take into consideration.

Generally, not all wet or dry foods are of the same quality, neither are they recommended for any kind of pet.

There are animal owners who consider dry preparations to be better and more balanced. There are also those who think that canned foods are more attractive. Here we will tell you about the benefits of combining wet foods with other types of food.

The three diets that use wet and dry foods

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Photographer: Fernando Dall’Acqua

Based on their moistness and how much water they contain, there are three types of food and diets for dogs: the wet diet (we know it as canned food), the dry diet (dry kibble) and the semi-moist diet, with a mix of the two.

The wet diet and our pets

Wet food is usually very attractive and very appetizing to dogs. But this does not mean that it is always the most appropriate. For example, if the dog has a sedentary lifestyle, it is necessary to avoid giving him only moist foods.

Failing to control the quantities of this type of food can cause obesity in dogs, among other things. The reason for this is because this canned product has a higher caloric density.

The quality of the canned food is also an important variable. In the supermarket, we can find everything, including low-priced products, manufactured and those packaged using poor quality ingredients.

The dry diet

Many experts in animal nutrition prefer the dry diet to canned foods. Kibble or dry food provides a better balance of nutrition for our animals. In addition, it is more beneficial for oral hygiene. By crushing and chewing the kibble, the dog avoids the appearance of plaque on his teeth.

Semi-moist meat

Another option is a mix between both of the aforementioned diet types, that is, combining wet and dry food. Normally, these products will be found in the supermarket in the form of hamburgers, minced meat or pieces of beef. These products have more moisture than dry food, but far less than canned food.

In this way, while pet foods contain an average of 80 percent water, semi-moist products have between 15-30 percent.

It might be that this semi-moist food is not as attractive to our animals, but it is healthier and less caloric.

Food from the household

If the dog is happy with his normal food, it is not necessary to change it, as long as it is of good quality. In most cases, our pets are very sensitive to changes in their food. A change in diet can even cause your dog undesired effects, such as, an upset stomach or diarrhea.

It is not a good habit to let our pets be near the kitchen when food is being prepared. In many cases, bits of food may fall to the ground and end up in our friends’ stomach.

Veterinarians always recommend sending the dog out of any room where food is being cooked or eaten.

Moist foods for specific dietary needs

Some wet foods have been created for the specific needs or situations of our pet. For example, some canned foods contain levels of moisture that is designed for dogs with urinary tract problems.

In the supermarket, we can find a wide variety of canned food for special cases. There are many specialized products for cases where our dog needs a special type of diet. Examples include: food for certain ages, allergies, food sensitivities or for diseases, whether chronic or acute.

Before you choose a product from the available options, it is important to consult your trusted veterinarian.

Some advice about packaged foods

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  • Do not mix packaged foods.
  • Always check and compare the labels on each product for manufacturer’s information, moisture content and different ingredients.
  • The manufacturer must be reliable, well-known, and trusted.
  • Any food that remains in the dog’s bowl must be removed, whether it is wet or dry. You should never leave it to spoil.
  • As we have seen, leftovers of homemade food are not a good option for feeding our pets.