The Dog that Was Rejected by Everyone for Having a "Grumpy Face"

The Dog that Was Rejected by Everyone for Having a "Grumpy Face"

Last update: 26 May, 2018

Cornelius is a dog that everyone rejected because of his “grumpy face” without realizing he had a disease. His face’s deformity made it seem like he was always in a bad mood. Nowadays, Cornelius is no longer rejected and has a lot of followers on social media. His story took place in Toronto, Canada.

Cornelius was the runt in his litter. Unfortunately, he was born with a genetic condition that slightly deformed his face. Therefore, he always looked like he was in a bad mood, even when he was sleeping.

Besides that, he was also born with leucism, a very rare condition. Just like albinism, there is an absence of skin pigmentation, which makes him look like he has no color, except in his beautiful eyes.

Cornelius laying down

He didn’t change over time and the rejections continued

As Cornelius got older, everyone saw how his siblings were perfectly healthy, and people still rejected him. Everyone was shocked when they saw him and turned him down.

After his recent adoption, Cornelius became a social media “star” in just a few days. For example, he already has more than 2,300 followers on Instagram. Despite his disease, there are times he’s trying to smile, and it makes him even more beautiful.

Common diseases in pugs

As with other dog breeds, pugs have some specific diseases. They may have respiratory problems because they are brachiocephalic. This means the bones in their skulls are very small. Other medical condition this breed usually has are: obstructive pulmonary disease, patella dislocation, hip dysplasia, eye problems, etc. 

Physical appearance is not as important

When it comes to adopting a dog, it’s always better to choose based on personality than physical appearance. If you go to an animal shelter, it’s more interesting to tell the caretakers what kind of personality you would like your new dog to have, more so than his physical appearance.  

The first priority is the dog’s personality, then you can consider other different factors. He could be small, medium, or large, with long hair, short hair or white hair, a Nordic-Mastiff or hound breed mix, etc.

A dog isn’t a fashion accessory that matches your clothes. He’s a living being with his own personality, preferences, and traits. He also has his needs too. Above all, a dog needs to be loved and he will certainly return it back.

Care and cleaning

You should also consider the necessary cleaning of an abandoned dog or those that are in shelters. The initial rejection could change. Even if he needs a good bath, brushing, and minimum care, there will always be beauty in the eyes of an abandoned dog. There is always love and never resentment.

Benefits of adoption

Adoption is much more interesting than buying a pet. However, at the time of adopting, everyone seems to want the animal to be very attractive. The less fortunate dogs also have a right to be loved.

Be sure to consider the expenses of having a pet

Cornelius sleeping

You should consider many expenses, especially during the animal’s first year of life. 

The purchase or adoption all by itself is only one expense. The identification of the animal through a microchip and census is another expense.  Then comes the possible sterilization, purchase of accessories, a carrier to take him, some toys, the collar and leash, liability insurance for large animals, etc.

Even though they may not seem like reusable expenses, the truth is that you have to consider these costs as an investment to have the pet at home. You must comply with all the legal regulations and your dog should be as healthy as possible. 

When our dog is no longer a puppy, the expenses continue. They should have high quality food, an annual check-up by a veterinarian, vaccines, anti-parasitic treatments, grooming, etc. Responsibility is an important factor when it comes to adopting a pet

Source of the images: Mister Cornelius’s Facebook