The Most Beautiful Dogs on Earth

The Most Beautiful Dogs on Earth
Francisco María García

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Last update: 22 December, 2022

Are some dog breeds prettier than others? This question may rub some pet owners the wrong way. Just as no baby is more beautiful to a mother than her own child, the most beautiful dog is the one you have. After all, they give you company and unconditional love. Some dog lovers have a favorite dog breed, while others believe that adopting a dog is more about personality and less about looks.

The 9 most beautiful dogs in the world

Valid or not, at least for external looks, physical characteristics, and personality, there are some dog breeds that stand a cut above the rest.

Golden Retriever

In addition to undeniable physical beauty, Golden Retrievers stand out for their friendly, playful personalities. Originally bred in Scotland in the mid-nineteenth century, the breed is skilled at hunting. They are adorable puppies, and their bond with their owners’ only strengthens as the Golden Retriever becomes an adult.

Golden retriever : the most beautiful dogs.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful dogs, they are also popular with families. Golden Retrievers are the third most popular dog breed in the United States, fifth in Australia and eighth in the United Kingdom.

Siberian Husky

Regarding the Siberian Husky’s physical appearance, two aspects stand out: their striking resemblance to wild wolves, and their heterochromia (different colored eyes). The Siberian Husky is a noble, calm dog. The breed originated in the frigid Russian territories to hunt deer, pull sleds, and keep children warm.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is special because of its incredible resemblance to stuffed animals. Its bluish black tongue is another hallmark. Originating in North China, the Chow Chow is one of the few ancient breeds that still populate the planet.

Chow Chows have calm, well-balanced personalities, as long as they’re properly socialized as puppies. A feature that has made them popular with pet owners in cities is that they adapt without difficulty to life in small apartments.

Spanish Bulldog

Very popular during the time of the Spanish conquest, the Spanish Bulldog is considered a faithful, hardworking animal, useful as a war dog and a cattle guardian.

But if there is anything that makes Spanish Bulldogs unique, it is their bravery. There are many stories and legends of conflicts between the breed and large animals, such as wild boars, which they fought fearlessly, risking their own lives to protect their masters.

In the twentieth century, Spanish Bulldogs became less common and were at risk of extinction.

Their strong, serious bearing may not make them the most physically graceful breed, but Spanish Bulldogs’ loyalty, bravery and fidelity elevate them to levels worthy of recognition.


This breed, originally from the United Kingdom, became popular due to its incredible sense of smell. Beagles are very useful in tracking rabbits and other animals on hunting missions. Today, Beagles continue to work around the world, mainly as detection dogs. But the Beagle is also cheerful, very sociable and physically graceful.

Beagle puppies

For centuries, beagles have been featured in art.

Rough Collie

While the Beagle might be an extra in movies and television, the Rough Collie is the star, thanks to the famous character Lassie.

For many people, The Rough Collie is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. Collies are also very intelligent, which means they learn at a speed that puts other dog breeds to shame.


The Newfoundland is a spectacular breed. They commonly have thick, black fur, although there are also brown and white varieties that have black spots.

Native to Canada, Newfoundlands are the best dogs at taking care of young children. Throughout history, they have been used as work dogs in many ways. Newfoundland dogs are excellent swimmers, often used in search and rescue missions. They have helped save thousands of people around the world.


The Pomeranian owes their name to the Pomerania region of East Germany and Poland, from which they originated. Despite their small size, Pomeranians are protective of their owners, no matter the dangers or their physical disadvantages.


The Dalmatian is a very popular breed thanks to movies and television. The breed’s unmistakable black and white spots have earned them a place among the most beautiful dogs in the world. In the nineteenth century, the English aristocracy deemed Dalmatians noble, elegant dogs.


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