The First Beach Bar for Dogs is Born

The First Beach Bar for Dogs is Born

Last update: 30 June, 2018

A while ago, we told you about a new project that has been put into practice around the world. The project is dog beaches . Many countries already have dog beaches and they are a delight for dogs and owners alike. Owners can watch their dogs have fun on the beach without worry. Until now, all that was missing from dog beaches, was a beach bar for dogs. One now exists, let us see why this is a good idea.

Dog beaches, Why have a beach bar for dogs?

We have been taking our  pets to the beach for years, before beaches for dogs even existed. We cannot resist, since there is nothing better than seeing our puppy have fun. There is no doubt that our pets enjoy the freedom of the beach.

It is all about taking their leashes off and allowing them to run and jump like crazy. Some pets even dare to get in the water. They roll around in the sand and if there are other dogs, they all play together. For this reason, we are very happy to hear that dog beaches are going to be established in many places.

For a couple of years, we have already had fenced beaches where we can let our dog release his adrenaline and be at ease without worrying about whether we are doing something right or wrong.

However, dogs do get tired and so do we. So when we are with our dogs on the beach, it is nice to have a cold drink, and good to think that our dog could drink something too. From this thought, the idea of ​​the first beach bar for dogs arose.

The first beach bar for dogs

The idea of ​​the first beach bar for dogs became a reality in Mallorca. This Spanish island is known for being modern and innovative. The perfect place to carry out such a special project.

This town has a well-known dog beach called Es Carnatge, where you can find the Handle Bar. This is a small establishment, where both dogs and their owners can relax after a long session of playing.

safety of your dog beach

This small beach bar is a construction of recycled wood and the entire structure blends in with the landscape. Although to begin with, minor paperwork problems caused it to close, this bar is now open every day from 8 in the morning until midnight.

The prices are reasonable too: 2€ for a beer and 3€ for a mojito. For dogs, there is always fresh water, and they may even get a treat. They can walk around the entire bar, making it a dog-friendly establishment .

During the first months of operation, the bar was very well received. Offering a menu with ice cream, cocktails, coffee, drinks and food means you can enjoy yourself whilst your dog runs around on the beach. You can see your dog from the bar too, so you can relax and enjoy your chill-out time.

It is a great idea. We hope this will be popular on other beaches in Spain, and the rest of the world. Our dogs have the right to take a break in a welcoming place that offers them what they enjoy doing the most. You and your pet can enjoy good music and good food in an inviting and comfortable space. Enjoy this together at the Handle Bar.

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