Why You Should Walk Your Dog Every Day

Walking a dog can be just as good exercise for the owner as it is for the pet
Why You Should Walk Your Dog Every Day
Francisco María García

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

You probably know why you need to walk your dog, and you are predisposed to do so. However, having the daily discipline to put it into practice is much different when it’s actually time to take our canines out.

Reasons why you should take your dog out every day

  • It’s his primary source of exercise. Even if you have space at home, in the backyard, in the garden, etc, taking the dog for a walk should be your pet’s main source of exercise. There is no other activity that can replace it. We have to consider that a dog needs between half an hour and one hour of walking daily to burn the energy that has accumulated, and to obtain the benefits of exercise. The walks will also keep you, the owner, active, healthy, and on the move.
  • It creates more interaction between dogs and their owners. The best way for you and your dog to become close is through walking daily. If you do it correctly, walking your dog will reinforce your leadership and, believe it or not, will help your dog trust you more. Therefore, he will follow your orders more often because he respects you more.
  • Our friend will have all the entertainment he needs. The daily walk is a good way to create physical and mental stimulation for our pet. A dog who is bored every day will have destructive tendencies. He may be anxious and bark, and sometimes he will be aggressive. The alternative to daily scolding is daily walking.
  • It promotes discipline and training. A daily walking routine brings stability to both dog and owner. You have an important opportunity to reinforce the training if you do it correctly– walk together, adjust your speed, stop and sit before crossing streets, walk until you give orders, etc. In this sense, you should know how to combine moments of discipline with moments of fun.
  • It provides socialization opportunities with other dogs. If your dog has difficulty socializing, walking him in a herd is an excellent option that will allow him socialize with other dogs.You can always organize a walking group with neighbors and friends who have dogs.
  • It keeps your canine friend at a healthy weight. If your friend is overweight, he is vulnerable to many diseases. To avoid this, you must keep him in shape with daily walks. In addition to maintaining his ideal weight, walks can help a dog regulate his digestion and avoid constipation.
  • You’ll help your dog fall asleep quickly. Tiredness after walking promotes sleepiness in our pets and helps them eat and sleep better. 

Walking time

Although there may be no set time for walks, it’s advisable to walk your dog at least three times per day, spreading them throughout the day in a balanced way. This provides the animal with the possibility to go to the bathroom on a regular basis. There is no point in walking for a long time, for example, all morning, and then staying inside the rest of the day.

Depending on your dog’s personality, you will have to devote more or less time to walking. If you have a very hyper animal, who enjoys going out on the street, it is best to spend a longer time so he can burn his energy. On the contrary, if your dog is quiet or old, long, endless walks may not be necessary.

What should I do during a walk?

It is important that the walks are frequent, but also that our friend has fun. Among the things that our pets can do are the following:

  • Smelling and sniffing. As we know, smell is a dog’s best-developed sense. They need to exercise it daily. The best time is during a walk.
  • Contact with others of his kind. We have already mentioned the advantages of socializing with other dogs. 
  • Games between owners and dogs have important benefits for both. 
  • Just like people, our friends will be thankful to visit new places, where they have never been. New parks, outdoor places, etc.

Where to go on a walk

Where to go during a walk depends on whether you live in the mountains, in the city, or in a small urbanization near the beach, for example. In any case, it is advisable to have a list of several places to take your dog. This will ensure a higher level of stimulation for your friend than if you always take him to the same site or walk the same route.

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