Why Do Dogs Wake Up Hyper?

Their personality and attachment to their owners might be a rational reason for dogs' hyperactivity. However, there is a fundamental diet component that gives them this level of energy.
Why Do Dogs Wake Up Hyper?
Francisco María García

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Last update: 22 December, 2022

It’s amazing how dogs can move, run, jump and play non-stop during the entire day. When the sun rises, dogs wake up hyper. However, where does their energy come from? What is the source of energy that keeps them going for so long?

The reason why dogs are hyper

Man’s best friend is a creature that’s full of energy and endurance. The way dogs get all that energy is very different from how human get it. When it comes to humans, their energy mainly comes from carbohydrates and glucose that’s ingest on daily basis. However, it’s very different for dogs. A dog’s body works differently from a person’s. Their energy mainly comes from fat.

In addition to supplying energy, fats are also extremely important for several metabolic processes. They are important for absorbing vitamins and keeping skin and hair healthy.

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Fats contain a large amount of nutrients that produce a high amount of energy for an animal’s body. In fact, one gram of fat contains a lot more energy than one gram of carbohydrates or protein. 

Fats: the key to a dog’s energy

Although fats are extremely important for a dog’s body to work properly, it’s also true that it’s important to use antioxidants to make them useful. Hence the animal shouldn’t eat just any kind of fat. It’s important for a dog to have a balanced diet that fits his needs. 

It’s also important to consider the different energy stages that a dog needs. In other words, energy increases as an animal grows. As of pregnancy to adulthood, the dog will need greater amounts of energy and a higher fat intake.

 Fat is the main source of energy for these animals, especially athletic dogs which need both fats and carbohydrates. Why? It’s because this combination converts into energy for the muscles.

dogs wake up hyper

If the pet does more strenuous activities, such as jumping, racing, and galloping, carbohydrates will become the most important element of their diet. 

Reasons why a dog can lose sleep

Dogs usually wake up hyper. However, there are some things that can affect their sleep, which in turn effects their health and their energy levels will decrease. In order for these faithful animals to maintain the energy that makes them who they are, you must pay attention to a few things that often go unnoticed.

1. Loud noises

Dogs suffer a lot during the holidays. The main reason is due to all the fireworks. The animal’s anxiety levels can rise considerably, even causing death. To prevent suffering, give your dog a mild sedative that should only be prescribed by a veterinarian.

2. Diet

A dog’s diet is important for his development. Therefore, if the animal consumes heavy, unhealthy food, his sleep can be seriously affected.

3. Pain

Dogs are very sensitive animals. If he has any health problems that bother him, he might not get enough rest. 

dogs wake up hyper

Oftentimes, degenerative diseases are the most common problem. It’s important to pay close attention to the amount of times he wakes up during the night.

If the dog isn’t well-rested, his energy levels and quality of life will be effected too. Therefore, you must pay close attention to any change in his behavior.

When the animal is apathetic, irritable, sluggish, nervous, and restless for several days or weeks, you should take him to the vet. Only a specialist will be able to determine what is happening to him and take appropriate measures.

The reason why dogs wake up hyper every morning is based on a diet that’s rich in fats and antioxidants. A balanced diet is the key to your faithful dog’s development and health. 

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