5 Ways to Show your Dog you Love him

5 Ways to Show your Dog you Love him

Last update: 31 May, 2018

Showing love doesn’t necessarily have to involve gifts, because dogs are grateful just to spend some time with their owners. They’ll also be happy just to get a good meal.

Dogs are a part of our families. We are happy just to have them around, and they are happy when we show them affection. However, we can always find new ways to indulge them , so we invite you to discover how to show your dog that you love him.

How to reward your dog with love

Animals are not materialistic beings. Although it’s fine to buy them toys, they tend to enjoy other things more. When we spend time with them, take them on a special walk now and then, or reward them “just because”, they appreciate it more than when we buy them things.

You don’t have to spend money to show your dog you love him, but there’s no harm in spending a bit on nice food, a better bed, or a more comfortable leash. There are many ways to tell your dog that you love him, and here are a few ideas:

1. A longer leash

Going for a walk is the most important and exciting time in your dog’s day. A quality walk will include time for sniffing around and marking his territory without pulling on the leash.

happy dog

A longer leash will allow him to move freely without feeling the pull of the the harness or collar. A leash about two meters long is enough to keep your dog nearby and under control, but will still allow him to move without too much pulling.

A long, classic leash – get rid of retractable ones – is the first step to start walking without either you or your dog pulling. In addition, a long leash will improve your walks.

2. Give him better food

Dog food tastes boring, and cheap dog food tends to be unhealthy. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”, so your dog will pay the price for poor quality food. Not only will it affect his health, but his mood.

dog with food

Consider buying your dog better food. There is so much variety in pet stores, and there are surely options you haven’t explored within your price range. You can show your dog you care about him through food.

You can also switch your dog’s diet to natural foods; or even cook for him yourself now and then. Here are some simple recipes that you can prepare on occasion.  Your dog will love them because they are healthy, and you’ll love seeing him happy.

3.Play scent games

A dog’s most important sense is his sense of smell. However, it’s so unimportant to humans that we tend to overlook it. Dogs should sniff whatever they want, whenever they want while out for a walk, but they can also use their sense of smell to play games.

dog in grass

Toys involving sniffing and trail-tracking are fun and relaxing for dogs, and can make them feel happier. There are scent-based interactive toys, but we can also make our own simple games. That way you can show your dog you care about him and want him to enjoy himself.

For example, cut up some food that he really likes into very small pieces. You could use pieces of cheese, sausage, ham or even a dog treat. Spread them out all over the floor of a room, as far apart as possible, and let the dog find and eat the pieces.

 4. Say “no” less

 When we say “No!” to a dog, we are not providing any information. The dog knows we’re upset with him, but doesn’t know what we want him to do. If you learn not to say “no”, your dog will be much happier and you can avoid a lot of frustration in the future.
dog sitting
Instead, you can learn alternative strategies. Giving a positive command or preventing the dog from misbehaving are two of the most useful ones you’ll come across. One of the most effective ways to show your dog that you love him is to stop scolding him and to start praising him when he does well.
For example, if you don’t want the dog to get on the couch, it is much more informative and kind to say “down” than to say “no”. If you don’t want your dog to get into in the trash, it is much easier to store it inside a cabinet than to yell at him every time he goes near it.

5. Take some basic obedience classes

In basic obedience classes, both you and your dog can learn to communicate better and you’ll gain useful insight to use at home. Your dog will be happier because he’ll know how to earn your praise and rewards. You’ll be proud of your dog because he has learned to obey.

dog training
Before enrolling in obedience classes, look for a positive trainer who doesn’t use punishment or pain. You can teach your dog to do anything without needing choke collars, punishments or electric shocks. Don’t let anyone punish or mistreat your dog.
We love our dogs like family, which they truly are. However, we can always make their lives better, and it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Your dog will be thankful for anything you do for his well-being. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.