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Editorial policy

Everything related to animals generates curiosity. And when it comes to our pets, information about their care isn’t only interesting, but essential in order for us to give them the best. That’s why our goal is to provide you with reliable and easy to understand information about the animal world.

Our editorial vision

We’re a reliable information portal about animals. We use clear and simple language to transmit scientific data and offer care advice about pets. In addition, we’re committed to recommendations that protect the habitat of living beings.

Due to the large amount of information about animals and pets on the Internet, My Animals offers you a pleasant tour with information certified by professionals: biologists, veterinarians, and specialized journalists.

You’ll find in our portal a positive vision regarding animals and the environment. We want you to take care of the planet’s wildlife and to do so with the best information available.

Our Values

My Animals is guided by values that represent what we’re looking for with our content:

  • Trust: The information you’ll find here is reliable. It has been validated by professionals and is supported by scientific sources.
  • Commitment: We understand that the care of animals falls within the framework of respect for natural life as such. And that is what we transmit in what we publish.
  • Approachability: We use understandable language without sacrificing scientific accuracy.
  • Quality: We’re committed to the quality of our information. We don’t publish data or information that we can’t corroborate or that may generate doubts regarding its veracity.

Every day, these values guide our work. Our commitment is to offer you the best content that’s reliable, committed, familiar, and warm so that you can enhance the welfare of your pets.

Our voice

To communicate information according to our values, we use the following language:

  • Empathetic: Our content is for people interested in animals, whether they have a pet or not, are thinking of having one, or simply because they like wildlife. My Animals is a portal that’s familiar, warm, and that puts itself in the shoes of those readers.
  • Guiding: We help to improve the life of pets and give recommendations for the care of the planet. Our advice is clear and easy to apply in everyday life.
  • Committed: We don’t judge, but we’re on the side of caring for the environment. We promote a life in harmony with nature and point out those practices that are harmful to wildlife.
  • Reliable: We work with experts and professionals who communicate their knowledge after having verified it with concrete data from science. You can trust the information at My Animals.

The style guide our editors follow focuses on simplicity, without overlooking accuracy. Our voice is warm and professional, understandable and scientific at the same time.

Our team

My Animals has a team of professionals from the biological and veterinary field to offer reliable, truthful, up-to-date and quality information. In addition, this team respects the value of empathy, which is why the content is prepared in a simple, understandable and friendly language.

The writers and editors of our portal verify the information they offer the reader through scientific sources and their professional experience. For the preparation of an article, they respect a previous research process that is part of the responsibility they assume when giving suggestions, advice and recommendations.

We prioritize information from scientific studies and entities with renowned prestige in the care and research of fauna, whether governmental or NGO. When a professional promotes a council based on her particular experience, we make it clear that this is the case.

Our editorial process

My Animals selects content according to what readers interested in the world of wildlife consider most relevant. There are also current news and analysis of emerging situations in the field of animal biology.

Part of the editorial team is responsible for proposing relevant but also original topics, avoiding repetition. Each of these topics is analyzed and receives approval (or not) before moving onto the editorial process.

The professional team then writes the content for the approved topics. Guided by our values and our voice, they elaborate a text that’s empathetic, approachable, informative, reliable, and supported by scientific data. Another part of the editorial team reviews and edits this content before it’s published.

You should know that in My Animals we don’t allow plagiarism. We strive to share original content through a thorough review.

After some time, the contents of our portal are checked again, once already published. This is done in order to keep the data updated, especially in a field as susceptible to new discoveries as animal biology. Periodically, part of the editorial team reviews the publications to incorporate scientific knowledge, make modifications based on readers’ suggestions, and improve the texts.

This content audit is constant. We know that advances in biology, species preservation, and veterinary knowledge are frequent and happen quickly.

Our verification labels

In the publications on My Animals you’ll find the 2 following labels that indicate the degree of verification of the information:

  • Fact checked: If our article has this label, it means that the content is based on reliable scientific and academic sources. In the final bibliography section, you’ll be able to corroborate these sources.
  • Evidence based: This tag designates a higher verification value than the previous one. It means that most of the sources in the bibliography are scientific studies that have their own validation process by specialized journals in animal biology.


Here at My Animals,, our content is intended to inform and educate in order to help you care for your pets. However, it is important to note that it is not a substitute for the diagnosis, advice or treatment from an animal health professional. Each pet is unique and may require a personalised approach to their well-being.

Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care, we recommend that you consult with a veterinarian you trust before making any decisions. The information presented on our website is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to pet care, but rather a useful tool that can complement the advice of an animal health professional.

In summary, remember that our content is for informational purposes only and that proper veterinary care can make a big difference to your pet’s health and well-being.

Comments, suggestions and corrections

My Animals is open to receive comments, suggestions, and corrections from our readers. Your participation in our voice and values is very important for us to continue to ensure the quality of our content.

The communications you send us will always be taken into account, will be answered as soon as possible and will lead to the revision of the publications. Do you want to tell us something? Write to us through our contact page.