Abandoned Cat Waits for Its Owners for 1 Year

It's sad to hear stories like this one. Even so we believe that these stories may help enlighten those that have allowed themselves to consider the idea of abandoning an animal.
Abandoned Cat Waits for Its Owners for 1 Year

Last update: 15 March, 2018

The loyalty of animals seems to be never-ending. This is shown through stories like the one we want to share with you today. Meet an abandoned cat who, everyday for a year now, has been going to the same place where his owners left him while moving.

The story of the abandoned cat in Russia

Many compare it with stories of animals that have stayed for years at the graves of their owners. The truth is that this reality is more cruel, as the abandonment was voluntary and not forced.

This cat was seen running behind the car of his owners in Russia when they decided to move away and leave the animal alone and luckily in the neighborhood in which they had lived all of his life.

In spite of his sprint, the family ignored his silent supplication and left the poor little cat abandoned. In spite of everything, his hope didn’t fail and he hoped that his family, those that he’d been willing to give his life to, would return to get him… But that never happened.

That’s why the neighbors saw how this little abandoned cat has gone day after day to the same place, hoping that his owners would return. The neighbors fed him. This is a demonstration of human kindness, contrary to the evil of the animal’s owners.

The abandoned cat tells us how he felt

It’s winter and very cold where we live, but I don’t know why, my owner has insisted that we go outside. They have always been very good to me. I have to be grateful, obeying and fulfilling their wishes.

That’s why I’m going outside. It seems like they are throwing boxes in the car, which is not new for me, they’ve done this for a few days now. This place is ugly, there are many cars. I like it better when they take me places with trees and children playing, but what else can I ask except that someone love me?

And, i see everyone getting into the car. Wait, where are they going? Well, I have to follow them! Ahhh no, don’t leave without me. Maybe they didn’t realize that I’m here, or ….they’ve gone to get some things some place and they’ll be back.

Yes, that must be it. I’ll just sit here and wait for them. It seems like they’re not coming…It’s getting dark, I’d better take a nap.

Where’s my family?

Wow, the sun is rising and there’s no trace of my family. I’m hungry, so what can I eat? I’ll make the rounds. It seems that something smells from some place. It doesn’t smell very good, but I bet it’ll be better than staying hungry. It’s cold, I’m hungry and it’s so dirty around here, how I’d just like to be home!

I miss my bed and my beloved blanket, the one that warmed me up on cold days like today. My family might arrive soon. Meanwhile I’ll just stay here so they can find me when they return.

It seems like they’re not coming back today either, maybe they’ve gotten distracted with something. I’ll stay here in case tomorrow they appear…

I’ve been here many days, all the neighbors have become my friends. They give me food to eat and that’s more than enough for me, but I’d so like my family to remember that I’m here, waiting for them, because I’ve never stopped loving them and if they decide to come back some day, I’ll be here still, wanting to see them.

Abandonment affects animals in a very harmful way, as they are left to fend for themselves, not able to feed themselves, shelter themselves, drink or stay clean. In addition, dangers lie in wait for them, and do you know what else? Your pet would never do such a thing, so why must you?

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