The 5 Best Apps for You and Your Dog

The 5 Best Apps for You and Your Dog

Last update: 23 April, 2018

Throughout the years, technology has made life easier. Today we have all types of applications that help with daily tasks that were once annoying. Well, there are also applications for pet owners; these apps improve your life with them. We are going to show you some of the best apps for you and your dog.

The 5 best apps for you and your dog

Maybe you are wondering how these apps could make your life easier. However, below you can see how much they can do for us. Observe:

Cool apps for you dog

Mascotas Bienvenidas (Welcome Pets)

Royal Canin – –  a huge chain for dog food and other pet products – – has created this app specifically for you and your pet. What does it do?

Unfortunately, your dog can’t go everywhere with you . However, there are many places the both of you can go, but how do you know what places they are? That’s what this app is for.

You only need to turn on the cell phone location and then let the app look for places to go to with your dog. It will show you stores, restaurants, and other pet friendly places. This app is free and available on Android and iOS. Check it out!


After adopting your dog, there has been no need of exercising alone. Now you have a wonderful workout partner to enjoy exercising with.

If that is your case, Petometer is one of the best apps for the both of you. It will keep track of your guys’ movements, number of kilometers ran and calories burnt. Additionally, it has an exercise routine to do along with your pet. It was created by Purina, and you can download it on iOS and Android.

Ah! Also you can show off to your friends by posting your achievements on Facebook. Most likely will try competing with you.

Pet First Aid

Dogs are naturally wild. Thus, they tend to have accidents sometimes, so it’s important to be prepared. That’s why this application was created; it’s one of the most useful apps for the both of you.

This app has a what-to-do list in case of emergencies. However, remember that it’s an app and not a doctor. Go see the vet right after performing first aid.

U Pet

This is an excellent app for lost dogs. You only have to register your dog in the canine community and create a QR code that will be synced with his dog tag.

If someone finds him, they can scan the code and you will receive a notice about your dog’s exact location. There is no need to take your dog’s health record to the vet because all vaccine and deworming information will be on the tag.

Ikkible Free

Even though you’re a My Animals fan and you are always up-to-date on permissible things for your dog.  It’s most likely you will have some questions. For example, regarding what he can or cannot eat. Imagine the whole family is gathered during Christmas and you want to give your pet a treat. A piece of nougat? Would it be alright to give him one?

You won’t have to wonder anymore because this app would do the answering for you! Try it and see for yourself.

Pet Master Pro

Have your pet´s life on your phone

Papers and documents are not cool anymore. Now everything is online. So why not having your dog’s life online too?  This app will have all of your dog’s information, his microchip, vaccines, appointments, allergies, medications, and other things all in one place.

Everything at hand and well-organized. It’s free on iOS and costs 3.50 euros on Android.

Apps are just an example of everything made to make you and your pet’s life a lot more easier by giving you a helping hand. Even though, there are dozens of interesting inventions that do the same. Go to our blog and take a look. Is there any other app you would recommend to us and to our readers? Please share it!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.