5 Favorite Dog Movies of All Time

No more cliches. Let's talk about future classics!
5 Favorite Dog Movies of All Time

Last update: 08 February, 2018

When listing the best dog movies, subjectivity is unavoidable. However, today we want to stay away from movie cliches. In these, dogs seem like selfless superheroes. They can do anything. Or, they appear in situations that have more to do with us than with animals.

That’s why we’ve chosen films that portray canines without stereotypes. Or, rather, without humanizations.

Our Selection of Dog Movies

Here are 5 dog movies shot in different eras, languages, and places. We hope to encourage you to complete this little list with the films you’ve been excited by at different times in your life.

1- Umberto D. (1952)

This movie by Italian Vittorio de Sica continues to move us. It is simple and real. It’s the story of a retiree who finds himself in a desperate economic situation.

First, he is kicked out of his apartment along with his dog Flike. And, the dog is his only company. So, Umberto considers suicide. For this reason he seeks a new home for his canine–without success. When he is unable to find one, he takes the animal in his arms and stands on the train tracks, waiting to be hit by a train. However, Flike manages to get loose, and the old man runs after him, creating a new opportunity for both of them.

Choosing the best movies about dogs sounds pretty pretentious. So we selected 5 stories that portray dogs without stereotypes or humanizations, and prefer to tell the different ways in which people relate to these wonderful beings.

2- Marley & Me (2008)

David Frankel directed this American film. It stars Owen Wilson as the human protagonist. With sensitivity and depth, the movie tells story of an intimate daily relationship. The relationship is between a dog and his owner. And, it spans over 14 years.

It premiered in Spain with the title Una Pareja de Tres. Marley, from the original title, is a Labrador. This dog knew how to win the heart of Jennifer Aniston. She is the actress playing the part of the female protagonist. The story is based on an autobiographical book by journalist John Grogan.

3- Amores Perros(Love’s a Bitch) (2000)

You might like Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s first movie, or you might not. But if this film achieves anything, it is that no one is left indifferent to the forcefulness of the images presented and the intensity of the stories that intersect.

Thus, amidst human conflict, dogs appear. Some dogs participate in clandestine fights, stray dogs sheltered by a former guerilla who survives a hired murder attempt. Or, dogs who live a life of luxury and literally end up lost under a luxurious floor.

4- Bombón: El Perro (2004)

In this film by Carlos Sorín, shot once again in the Argentinian Patagonia, we find the story of a man who is fired from his job as soon as he turns 50. His life seems to change when an old woman hires him to fix a car, giving him a dog as payment.

At first, the man doesn’t know what to do with the animal. The dog, an impressive example of a Dogo Argentino, begins to open unexpected doors for the protagonist, introducing him to the world of dog shows, thanks to his pedigree.

5- Truman (2015)

This example of dog movies tells the story of a solitary man. Basically, he’s an Argentinean actor exiled to Madrid (Ricardo Darín). Then, he has a terminal illness. So, this is why his only objective is to find a new, better, and trustworthy home for his dog Truman. Basically, Truman is he titular protagonist who has been his faithful companion for the past few years. Catalán director Cesc Gay tells an unconventional story. In other hands, it could have become a teary drama.

We must mention Troilo the beautiful Bullmastiff–recently deceased– who plays Truman. In addition to moving our hearts in the film, he was trained to assist autistic children.

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