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7 Tips for Pets Who Behave Badly with Visitors

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Why do they act that way? Because of jealousy? To get attention?
7 Tips for Pets Who Behave Badly with Visitors
Last update: 27 January, 2018

It often happens that when someone comes to visit us, our pets behave badly or completely differently from how they do in everyday life. The truth is that they make us look very bad during these visits. In this article, we offer you some tips to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Tips for pets that behave badly with visitors

Some dogs wag their tails in happiness when they hear someone is at the door of the house. Others hide under the table, and there are those who start barking and growling at guests. There are also pets that do not leave the “intruders” alone: ​​they ask for food, they jump, they bring toys, etc.

In any case, we would like the dog to behave itself when there are people who do not live in the home. As a result, everyone will have a beautiful evening, and we will not have to make drastic decisions like locking the dog up or punishing it. If your dog behaves badly when there are visitors, pay attention to these tips:

1. Be the leader of the pack

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You must be the one in charge at home, whether there are visitors or not. If a dog jumps on someone, it is wanting to demonstrate that it is the alpha in the home. Therefore, you cannot encourage this type of behavior. Indicate with a serious and firm voice that this is bad behavior and repeat this as many times as necessary until it learns.

2. Do not be affectionate when you get home

When you have spent the whole day outside and take a step into the room, it is likely that your dog will jump out of happiness. While it is a beautiful gesture by your pet, you are encouraging him to do the same when visitors come. Therefore, we recommend that you wait a few minutes to say hello. First leave your things, change your clothes, and when the animal is calmer, give it cuddles.

3. Introduce your guest

When visitors arrive, you should do the same as when you return home. Once people have settled or left their belongings, call your pet. First, touch it so that it perceives your smell and realizes that there is nothing to fear. Then, have the guest do the same. The initial contact must be gentle, without sudden movements.

4. Do not give it food from your plate

You must know that an animal will repeat the same habits with you as with strangers (or at least some of them). For example, if your dog begs for food while you are eating and you give it even a little, it will behave the same with visitors. And many people are upset that this happens.

5. Take more people home

For your dog to get used to guests … there must be more guests! It is time to expand your social life, at least in so far as the people you receive. Once the animal knows that it is normal for there to be other people in the house, it will behave better because it will not be a change from its daily routine.

6. Do not lock him up or punish him

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Many times, to avoid problems with guests, the owners choose to put their pets in the bathroom or leave them in the yard. They can also punish or yell at them. When they do so, the only thing that is achieved is that the animal relates people arriving at your home with something bad. And it will not be obedient in front of them! It will react to the supposed danger. You should be helping it behave well at all times.

7. Ask for help from the guests

If the newcomers adopt a friendly, pleasant and safe stance, the dog will feel comfortable and will not behave badly in front of them. Try to keep the guests in direct contact with the dog as long as they like the animals. This way you will be demonstrating that it can trust the people that visit you and that it should behave well.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.