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Why You Should Consider Adopting a Retired Police Dog

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Just because their career is over doesn't mean their life should be. Learn about how you can give a new home to a retired police or service dog.
Why You Should Consider Adopting a Retired Police Dog
Last update: 29 January, 2018

Surely you have read or seen a story about a retired police dog or trained dog that receives decorations for its work. Perhaps it served in a war, an expedition or an anti-drug operation. When these animals reach a certain age, they leave the service. And, many of their human companions take them home. But, that does not happen with everyone. Therefore, an association is encouraging the adoption of retired police dogs.

Retired heroes seek a home. Adopt a retired dog

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Source: Facebook of 4-legged Heroes

The association “Four-legged Heroes” has launched a new campaign in Madrid. It serves to encourage residents to host animals that have served in the police, for example. According to the president of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, the people who adopt a retired pup will receive much more than they imagine. The president supports the cause and indicates that it is “fair and supportive”.

Dogs that work with the State security forces and agencies, as well as those in emergency services, look for survivors during catastrophes. They also fight against human trafficking, terrorism and drug trafficking.

After retirement (approximately when the animal is 10 years old), they need to be adopted by a family. But people who are willing to receive an elderly pet at home are not always available. In most cases, they are the same human companions who are responsible for its last years of life.

Since its foundation two years ago, the Four-legged Heroes Association has managed to find a home for 100 retired police dogs. Every day they work hard to connect dogs with families. They also receive help from those who have worked with the animals. If they cannot have them at home, they do their best to find a home for their former partners.

As indicated by Cifuentes, a dog is not a work tool that can be stored in a warehouse once it has fulfilled its purpose. These animals demand affection, food and care. We must remember that their past is full of sacrifices. Without a doubt, they deserve the best in this new stage of their lives.

The Four Legged Heroes Association for adopting a retired dog

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This foundation works together with the civil guard to find a home for any dogs that cannot be placed in their human companions’ homes. Thanks to this association and the Canine Expert Service, the retired police animals are adopted by families after being evaluated accordingly.

As indicated on the association’s website, the work life of working dogs lasts around 9 years. When their faculties begin to decline, they retire. Or if they cannot perform their duties, they are retired. It can also happen that, after being trained, young animals lack the skills required for the job.

Four-legged Heroes tries to create a national network to align the destinies of these retired police dogs with families. These families want to take care of them during their remaining years of life. One of the requirements that applicants must meet is to be caring and committed people. They must understand the needs of an adult dog: tranquility, warmth, a good bed and lots of love.

The adoption process is meticulous because it tries to connect a loyal pet with a suitable owner. The character of the animal and also the characteristics of the possible adopters are important to consider. After granting the custody of the dog, specialists are in charge of advising them and following up.

The association is available to all canine units, regardless of what force or entity they belong to: security forces (State, Local or Autonomic), civil protection, fire brigade, private security, military, canine service companies, etc. .

If interested in adopting a retired dog, you can contact them or also a police station near your house.

Source of images: Facebook of Four-legged Heroes

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