Meet Anubis, Dog Who traveled 11,000 Km to a Home

Read the true story of perseverance that is guaranteed to warm your heart
Meet Anubis, Dog Who traveled 11,000 Km to a Home

Last update: 02 February, 2018

There are thousands of stories with happy endings about dogs that first go through a lot of pain and injustice. This is the case, for example, of Anubis, the dog that was born in Egypt and now lives surrounded by love in the United States. Do you want to know how he traveled 11 thousand kilometers to find his home? We will tell you here.

The story of Anubis, the dog that traveled from Cairo to Texas

Anubis was a dog that lived in the capital of Egypt. He barked when he thought there was something that he didn’t like (as all dogs do). A person that didn’t want to listen to his barking one nigh. And, that person gave him an awful beating. In fact, it was so bad that he left him without a snout.

The animal wandered around wounded in the streets. Eventually, an animal shelter found him under a car. They provided him with the corresponding emergency care. And, after his recovery they began to look for a new home for him. However, they never imagined is that his new family would be found 11 thousand kilometers from Cairo.

Kelly Hutson is a girl from Texas, the United States. She’s an animal lover and wanted to adopt a dog. When she found out through social media about Anubis’ story, “it was love at first sight.” Basically, she wanted him to travel to her home in North America.

However, she did not have the means to front the bill. So, she rallied a group of volunteers from different parts of the world. Many were willing to take care of the dog on his long journey through various countries. Just as you read…Anubis, the most “famous” dog, went along making short trips. Each “transit” family would take him for a time while money was raised, and then continue on the route.

Finally and after a brief passing through a shelter in the United States, his new owner went to pick him up after driving 10 straight hours. The dog got along great with all of his “temporary owners.” And, ever since arriving at the Hutsons’ home, he has been surrounded by love and care.

Dog Stories (II): the Pit bull that was rescued and adopted by a policeman

The telephone of the Commission of Hillsborough, Florida, rang. They let them know that there was a dog that had been run over on the side of the road. An agent named Tim Wren, an animal lover. He came to the dog’s rescue. And, both of their lives changed forever.

Th dog was a Pit bull. A car hit him and left him in the middle of the road. The police officer gave him First Aid. And, after   stabilizing him, the officer brought him to the local veterinary hospital.

With medical care, the dog lived. And, he found an owner who inundates him with affection and snuggles. Of course the Pit bull is completely grateful. This man who arrived in the midst of a horrific situation and restored his hope in the human race.

How can I adopt a dog that is sick or injured?

These two stories about dogs tell us a lot. We can care for a dog that is neither healthy nor a puppy (which is what the majority of people prefer). If you are thinking of adopting a pet we recommend that you first look at rescue dog.  Even  though they may be sick, disabled or have little time left to live, consider them. You will be your dog’s lifesaver!

Of course you may have some doubts or concerns, since taking home a rescue with additional needs is different than taking home a healthy dog. Some advice that may be helpful for you:

1. Know his or her condition well: If the animal has a disease, it is imperative to understand the treatment and if it is possible to get better. Also it is necessary to know if what it has is contagious or how its sickness will affect the animal’s life.

2. Get a primary vet: Give preference to the vet that took care of the dog in the beginning or is familiar with the problem. There are many vets that specialize in various conditions.

3. Invest in the dog’s health: Just as all pets need food, medicine and visits to the veterinariantake into account that a dog that is sick, disabled or wounded will mean a greater expense for you.

4. Don’t skimp on love: Finally we suggest that you be the most affectionate possible with your new friend. As you’ve read in the stories that we shared before, they’ve had to endure very unpleasant moments where their lives were  in danger. You will be repaid with much more love than you could imagine.

Anubis, the “traveler” dog and the Pit bull rescued by the police officer are only two stories that show us how love saves  and moves mountains.

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