The Caretaker for the Island of Dogs: A Heartwarming Story

Poverty and lack of food are worldwide issues that affect even the most unexpected of subjects.
The Caretaker for the Island of Dogs: A Heartwarming Story

Last update: 13 March, 2018

Although we often speak about the victims of poverty, most of the time we forget about another type of victim: animals. The Island of dogs in Pakistan, for example, is proof of just that.

If you are hoping to learn more about this and find out why it’s called the Island of Dogs, you won’t want to miss this.

The Island of Dogs and its Caretaker

The first question that probably came to your mind was: why is it called the Island of Dogs? Well, the answer is simple: because it is uniquely and exclusively inhabited by dogs.

No one knows how they arrived, but it has been proved that they have inhabited the island for decades. They do not have access to either food or water, meaning that the dogs would die of hunger and thirst if it were not for good-hearted people like Muneer, the well-known caretaker for The Island of Dogs.

Munner is a Pakistani fisherman who carries out his work near the Island of Dogs. Every time Munner goes to the island, all of the dogs rush to greet him. They know exactly what he is about to do: give them food and water!

Why does Munner do all of this? As he said himself:

“I take care of these dogs because they do not have any one else to protect them. I like to feed dogs because I know God will recompense me. If I feed them, God will feed me. It is the duty of all Muslims to protect animals. Only people without compassion would not help them.”

Do People in Pakistan Take Good Care of Dogs?

Seeing the way Munner and other fishermen behave can lead us to believe that dogs and other animals are well cared for in Pakistan. However, Karachi which is the the financial capital of the country, is full of abandoned dogs that live on the streets.

The city’s inhabitants believe that these animals are dirty and vile, and that the government is right to encourage poisoning campaigns to curb the canine population in the city. In 2016 more than 700 dogs died at the hands of this very cause.

Other Cases That Resemble the Caretaker’s Situation on the Island of Dogs

As we have seen thus far, it is not a question of the country in which a person lives, but of their heart as is the the case with Munner. Fortunately, there have been other people like him willing to help animals in need. 

You may have already heard about one or more of these stories, but let’s recall a few:

  • Mustafa Ele, Istanbul. They say that Istanbul is the city of cats, because they are everywhere. Nevertheless, not all of them have a place to take refuge. Mustafa opened up his mosque so that these needy kittens could stay there and eat.
  • Wan Yan. This Chinese gentleman went even further, spending his million-dollar fortune on feeding and sheltering abandoned dogs. When he realized how many animals were on the streets of his city, he decided to do something. And he did!
  • Retirement home. One lady adapted her house to create a retirement home for older animals and give them a proper, happy end of life. She would spend all of her money on food, veterinary care and medicine. This woman is definitely a role model for many!
  • Hostel in New York. In the capital of the world, they too were looking to join the initiative to take care of animals. They started not only feeding the homeless, but their pets as well.

These stories, as well as the one about the Island of Dogs, give us hope that there are still good-hearted people and that maybe, one day, we can stop abandonment for good. Let’s hope that day is coming soon!

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