Did you know there are dog mansions for dogs?

It's just another of the eccentricities of dog owners, who spend vast fortunes on absurd things for their animals. It's a big mistake to try and humanise them.
Did you know there are dog mansions for dogs?

Last update: 21 June, 2018

Dogs have formed a part of our lives in ways many people would have never imagined, to such a point that many dog owners have moved onto another level by treating them like people. They buy their dogs clothes, accessories, or even give them their own room in the house. Well, today you can learn about people who go beyond that. The fist dog mansions are up for sale!

Yes, that’s right. If you were already shocked knowing about some dogs that have become millionaires, now it seems that some dogs can be millionaires and live better than most people. We’re not taking any position on this matter. We love and respect all animals. This article merely provides information, because we are pretty sure you are curious.

Find Out All About Dog Mansions

Hecate Verona is the company responsible for creating these dog mansions. Rich people can often be eccentric and flashy, always thinking about ways to spend their fortune. Furthermore, they want their life to be reflected in everything around them, including their dogs.

It’s quite normal really, if you have a house for people, you might have asked yourself why wouldn’t you want a house the pet as well. Until now, once there was gap in the market for these mansions. But now it has happened. Finally, dog mansions are here!

How did dog mansions come about?

As the mansions’ designer, Alice Williams, explains:

“Dog houses have always been made out of a bunch of wood, something more like a box with a hole than a house. So, we asked ourselves why a dog couldn’t have a house as nice as their owner’s, so we decided to make one!

3D dog mansions

Each house is a monumental piece of work. The largest model is made up of more than 3000 hand assembled small pieces. It’s a job which takes around 2000 hours of manual labor, over a number of months. In fact, it has already been over three years since the original idea came up before the first one in 2016.

It’s not easy work because architects are used to working on larger projects. Making something “perfect” small turns out to be tiresome work.

Who are the people that would buy a dog mansion?

According to Alice, they’re either people who love architecture, people who can afford it and want a mansion, or they’re people who adore this piece of art and their dog, of course, they have the money too.  Money is important, since these dog mansions vary in price between 40 and 200 thousand euros.

How are these dog mansions like?

These mansions have been specifically custom made for dogs. They have a bedroom and a large living room with windows at the dog’s height. The dog quickly realizes that the inside temperature is perfect, and that it’s a place to feel safe and at home. Due to the height of the windows, dogs can observe their entire territory without any problems.

Of course, with a house like this (and at this price) you can forget about having technology. It has a system called Smart Home, which you can manage using an app on your mobile device. By using it, you can control the lights, water, food, or even make Skype calls. If you really want to, you can even install a television. Isn’t that incredible?

All of it is a luxury that few have access to, but these dogs live like kings. Although it might seem a bit eccentric, we’re happy knowing that there are people who will spend such money and make such effort to make sure their animals live comfortably. Much better than abuse or abandonment, don’t you think?

Source of Images: www.periodismo.com


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