Your Dog Knows You Better Than Anyone Else

Since he came home for the first time, he's become your unconditional friend that always wants to listen to you, cheer you up, and give you a helping paw.
Your Dog Knows You Better Than Anyone Else

Last update: 30 March, 2018

Your dog knows you better than anyone. And you could never have imagined how important the little guy would be in your life when you saw him the first time.

Now, after many years together, you’ve become inseparable friends, accomplices that can fight anything together. That’s why your dog has gotten to know you better than any other person. In what sense?

Your dog knows you better than anyone

Author: Ana Fuentes

He knows the right moment to ask you to take him out on a walk

It doesn’t matter what expression you have on your face or what you’re doing. Your dog will always know the best moment to ask you to take him out on a walk or to pet him or to give them a treat. After so much time together, he’s come to know how to read your looks, how to understand your body language and how to know when he should or should not approach you.

He knows that you’re sad even when you’re smiling

You’ve had a horrible day at work and you don’t want your loyal friend to see you sad. You know that he feels sad when you’re sad and that’s why you come home wearing a big smile. Do you think you fooled him? No way! He knows what’s going on on the inside, what’s behind that smile. Your dog knows you better than anyone and you can’t fake it because he always knows what’s going on on the inside.

He doesn’t come near you when you’re mad

Although you might want to hide it or even if you haven’t talk to him, your little animal will know that you’re angry and you’ll notice it because he won’t come near you and won’t come to your call. He knows that it’s not a good time to bother you and that you need your space, and he, empathetic and loving as always, will give it to you.

He knows if you don’t like someone

Have you noticed at some point that your dog acts badly around certain people? Maybe you should think about what type of relationship you have with that individual or if you like them or not. It’s probably not by chance.

Your dog can tell that you don’t like someone by your look or your body language, and that’s why out of a sign of loyalty to your friendship and love, he will also not like that person. Do you remember the phrase that goes a friend of yours is a friend of mine? Well this works in reverse for your dog.

He’ll know if you’re pregnant

You might not even know it, but your dog may detect a pregnancy by the change in the smell of your skin. Perhaps from there will come the intense love of dogs toward babies, as they know even before you.

He knows when you cheat on him

If you come home and your dog sniffs you like crazy, don’t think that he’s hungry, he already knows that you’ve been with another dog. In addition to that, only by the scent that that dog has left on your clothes, he can know if the animal that you were with is male or female or what he’s eaten. Be careful, your dog won’t let you cheat on him.

You can know if you’re sick

On occasion we talk to you about the ability of dogs to detect sicknesses, and only by the smell your animal can know if some anomaly is arising. If you notice that your dog is sniffing a particular part of your body constantly,  follow his instinct and see the doctor. You have nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain.

He knows when you need a hug

Empathy has always been one of the most impactful characteristics of dogs, and it’s not just that they know that you need a hug, but even better, they go running to give it to you. Perhaps we don’t deserve such a special kind of unconditional love? Are you still doubting if your dog knows better than anyone?

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