The Dog Who Saved a Little Girl From a Rattlesnake

Undoubtedly, there are countless people who are taken aback daily by the love and protection that dogs provide to the smallest members of their families.
The Dog Who Saved a Little Girl From a Rattlesnake

Last update: 06 March, 2018

Those with babies will tell you that their dog is the best guardian their child could have. This has more than been proven by the story that we are about to tell you: one of a little girl who was attacked by a rattlesnake.

The Story of Molly DeLuca and the Rattlesnake Attack

Molly is a 7 year old girl who lives in Tampa, Florida in the United States. The area is usually characterized by its pleasant climate, its repeatedly sunny days and by the resident’s kindness. These factors have had an enormous influence over the housing landscape. Much of the area has independent homes with their own backyards.
Gardens and backyards are meant to be areas that beautify the home. And if there are children around, they make ideal places for them to play and explore.
In Molly’s case, this was not true. She was attacked by a rattlesnake in her home’s backyard.
It was a day like any other. Molly decided to go out and play in the backyard. Her mother was always relaxed when Molly went outside. After all, their house had a fence and she believed there was no danger.
Nothing could have been further from the truth. Luckily, Molly loved going out into the garden with their two-year-old dog, Hans. He is a beautiful German Shepherd that the girl’s family adopted just two months before the terrible series of events with the rattlesnake.
According to Molly’s mother, Hans and the little girl were inseparable and became best friends. In fact, they were almost like siblings. This is why neither the little girl, nor the many people who learned of their story, were at all surprised to hear that Hans risked his life to save his human sister.
While Molly played with Hans in the garden, a rattlesnake appeared. It was prepared to attack the girl.

Hans to the rescue

Hans never left her side. Therefore, he could predict the snake’s attack before it happened. Neither hesitantly nor lazily, without even thinking of the harm that he could be putting himself in, he threw himself against the snake to prevent it from biting his little friend.

At first, he did not manage to immobilize the snake. Yet, Hans refused to give up his efforts. The snake bit him three time. But he would not stop until the reptile fled.

Molly was very frightened. Next, she ran to look for her mother. Luckily, her mom realized that Hans was badly wounded. They immediately picked him up and ran to the vet’s office. There, the doctor claimed that there was a lot of poison in his blood.

If the poison managed to reach his vital organs, it was very likely that Hans would die. Molly’s family could not allow it. He had saved their daughter’s life! That’s why they decided to ask for help by sharing their story.

Hope for Hans

It was not long before hundreds of people were donating money to their cause. They were able to raise $15,000 dollars, which was the cost of the antidote that would keep Hans alive.

Despite suffering kidney damage due to the large amounts of venom in his system, Hans’ family was able to treat him in time thanks to the money they raised. Thankfully, he is currently home and recovering favorably.

So, there you have it. A beautiful story of love, friendship and loyalty that proves to us yet once again that the love animals have for us knows no end. That’s why we all need to respect them and reward their good intentions by taking care of them and giving them a home filled with peace and love.

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