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How Dogs Show That Everything is Fine?

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Although they cannot speak our language, pets have the ability to express their feelings and emotions in different ways.
How Dogs Show That Everything is Fine?
Last update: 14 February, 2018

Do you want to know if your dog is happy and icomfortable? Then keep reading the following article where we will tell you how your dog shows you that everything is fine.

Signs that everything is fine for my dog

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As a pet owner, you certainly care about their well-being and want them to be happy all the time. But since your dog does not know how to talk and thank you for your care, we must pay attention to certain gestures or daily behaviors. If your dog does some (or several) of the following things, it is because everything is fine:

1. It always wants to play with you

The time of day or how old your dog is does not matter. If you show it a ball or a tree branch, it will wag its tail waiting for your next action. This often extreme happiness is related to your state of mind. You can play with your dog 5 minutes a day and make it the happiest creature in the world.

2. It never loses its appetite

Dogs resemble humans in many things. One of them is their appetite. When they eat voraciously it is because they are healthy and happy. Feeding without qualms is a sign of feeling comfortable in one place. On the other hand, if it leaves a part of the meal, if it sniffs the food and goes somewhere else or does not want to eat for two days, maybe you should take it to the vet.

3. Its eyes are relaxed

How can you tell? It’s very easy: it blinks softly, its eyes are lovely and its pupils move slowly. When its eyes are narrowed and its eyes are piercing, it means that it is angry or aggressive.

Another way to detect a dog’s good mood is through its mouth. Closed or slightly open with a slight grimace towards the sides as if it were smiling. And do not forget to watch their ears: relaxed, natural … not at all erect.

4. It wags its tail all the time

This is its way of expressing happiness par excellence. A dog at ease wags the tail from one side to the other and that movement also continues through its body. It is different when the tail is stiff and is the only thing that moves, because it means that it is on alert.

5. It sleeps and sleeps

Normally an adult dog sleeps about 16 hours a day (puppies up to 20) of which 10 are during the night. It also takes short naps during the day … but it has no problem waking up in a flash to play, walk, eat or relieve itself. Observe the appearance of the dog’s face when it sleeps, because if it seems sad, it is because something is happening to it (it may be bored or sick, cold or in an uncomfortable place).

6. It lies belly up

When the pet lies out in such a way that it “shows” its belly to be stroked or scratched, it means that it trusts us, that it loves demonstrations of affection and that it is very happy. Being a sign of vulnerability in the pack, it is also related to trusting the other being (you in this case).

7. It jumps

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In addition to wagging its tail like a pendulum, dogs have another way of expressing their happiness and appreciation for a situation: jumping! They will do it relative to their abilities (age, weight, physical condition, size, etc.), but even if it is a few centimeters, they will take off from the floor to tell you that they are happy and ready to play.

8. It wants to be by your side all the time

Have you ever thought about why dogs follow us to the bathroom? Because they love our company! For them, we are the leaders of the pack and they will not abandon us for anything in the world. That’s why if your pet does not leave you, it’s a good sign that it loves to be close to you.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.